Alloo bij Herman Brusselmans, the man who, Books, Writing

90d8242cd1d21c9e0f96880c39fd2f8c - Alloo bij Herman Brusselmans, the man who, Books, Writing

Herman Brusselmans is well-known for its black irony and cutting sarcasm. Never-before-revealed as the author so candidly on television. During the episode on Thursday, december 26th, is Now by the door of the house, and asks you to Herman for his life:

“I haven’t really had a happy childhood, but then it seemed to be that it is sometimes not really such, because the cattle trade was difficult. In the beginning of my writer’s in the industry, because they are very fantasten, and storytellers among them.”

The memories continue to be collected during a visit to the Herman secondary school, Situated in it: “I was a good student, always in the top 3, but is otherwise a fairly unremarkable student.”

Now, Herman pass, also at the university of Ghent, where Herman and his first wife came to know. Once he had his master’s thesis was written, it was Herman’s clear that he’s the writer wanted it to be. It was careful of his professional career at the TIME. “It is said that there are only two authors were able to make a living from their pen in the Belgium writer Hugo Claus, and Jef Geeraerts. My wife said to Try for 2 years to write it, and it will be seen, however. After 1 year, it earned me more than one at the TIME…” in the Meantime, he wrote 80 books, of which he has a total of 2 million copies sold, his books are translated, even in Moldova, and Herman think of no way to stop it.