The new season On the Water coming out

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This spring brings One of the second season of the psychological dramareeks On the water. The ten-part series is once again set against the backdrop of the city of Antwerp and its harbour. The amazing cast of the first season, with Tom Dewispelaere, Natali Broods, Evgenia Brendes, Tom, Van Dyck, Ruth Becquart, and Jeroen Perceval is in the second season, plus a number of famous artists such as Stijn van Opstal, Tiny Bertels, Chris Nietvelt, Bruno Vanden Broecke. The control is in the hands of the couple, Norman Bates (Inti Calfat and Dirk Verheye and Deben van Dam. Kato Maes and Tom, Hopefully this will deliver the set for the production Panenka, a co-production with the Provider.

John (Tom Dewispelaere) and after a few months of his release from prison, and get out into a new world. A set of (Natali Broods) has left him, His (Evgenia Brendes), was pregnant, and Barry’s (Jeroen Perceval) woke up from a coma. In the prison, kickte John and the drinks, but his new addiction was at least as strong as the power.

If zakenadvocate ” The Pelsmaecker (Ruth Becquaert) would like him to be in the business of a former competitor, he Beco, to run, to bite, he is stuck in that job. John rises higher in the criminal hierarchy. It will be a unique and dominant position is justified, in part, because of The Pelsmaecker romantic feelings for him and is starting to develop.

This position is firmly to be shaken, when a terminal Carl, He (Tom Van Dyck), suffers from his conscience of the murder of The Beco. And it turned out to be the new love of Marie is also an aspiring havenschepen-to-be who want to make the burgemeesterssjerp the business of the John to clean up.

On the water: from the 12th of January, every Sunday at 20.50 hrs on One of.

In the first season of On the water, we saw how the fallen tv idol, John Beckers, drink, and gambling addiction behind him, and tried to make a fair job of to the port authority by his father-in-law, Freddie shareholders ‘ meeting. After an unfortunate accident, and lost to John, his father-in-law. He was then in his seat, but it is also a step-by-step, in Antwerp, the drug trade, controlled by zakenadvocate ” The Pelsmaecker.

John began to drink, and took from it a number of new addictions to power, money and adrenaline. And that helped him a lot, but it cost him even more. After he and his wife, Susan, and their two children Arno and Julie for a last time, lied to, and disappointed him, and he, along with havenrat, Carl, He, his competitor, he Beco disappear, it started to just be around John, too close.

At the end of the first season, John is arrested by the police on suspicion of being involved in illegal drugs traffic. The star has once again fallen, the entire plan failed, and the game is over. This is just the beginning of something much bigger?

At the end of the first season and left the viewers with John at the back of the back seat of a police car. He was taken by his wife and the police chief, in the fall, descend, and was arrested on suspicion of drug trafficking at the site of the shareholders ‘ meeting of NV.

When John is released, he moves in with Ella, who is pregnant with their child. John and Marian, during His captivity, be separated from each other, and Susan is now living with the children in their own home.