A new record for The Warmest of the week

A new record for The Warmest of the week

To be the Hottest Week of 2019 has come to an end. Not in Flanders itself to be so committed and involved to be shown the greatest solidarity in the region. In total, there were 13 of 582 activities for 2088’s charities – that’s an average of 45 actions taken by the Flemish community. Many of these actions are being carried out by a lot of people: friends, co-workers, and the youth group, or sports team. From our inquiries it appears that there are, in total, more than 230 000 people have used in order to raise money for The Middle of the Week.

Pleasant stay and put the people in a movement for the cause that is important to them – literally. For the past five years, he brought the Warmathon, thousands of people are going to have their solidarity and to be active in sports and celebrate. In Kortrijk, belgium, Brussel, Gent, Antwerpen, Leuven, belgium, and Beringen, there was a record attendance of 52 907 people in those circles were for a good purpose. The Warmathon is the largest, the most supportive running event of the year. In total, there are over-the Warmathon 717 274 euros for each run, distributed across all the charities all over the world, from The Middle of the Week.

In addition to all of the actions in Flanders, and the runners are on the Warmathon, there were a massive amount of text messages sent Flames is worn, the presents are packed with the Hottest wrapping paper, and much, much more. So, 1 in 5 of the Flemish people in one way or another for a good cause, The Hottest Week of the industry. All of these initiatives resulted in a total of 17 518 153 euros for the 2088 charities from The Middle of the Week.

You could be not only money but also your time, donate to a charity of choice by The Middle of the Week. In december, 261 a non-profit voluntary project set up within the framework of The Middle of the Week. In addition, 2617, volunteers rolled up their sleeves put in for the day to day running of the charity. In december, it was good for the 130 volunteers per day, who have contributed to the meaningful work of these organizations. In total, The Warmest of the Week, and 11 of 776 hours of volunteer work at this non-profit.

The firmware Nieuwdorp, the coordinator of The Warmest of the Week: “It is heart-warming to see how the Flanders, it really is everything has to be given to the charity for them to touch. By working with operations to organize massive along with the Warmathon, and is, for the first time, also as a volunteer in The Middle of the Week. All of these people deserve our respect, our appreciation and admiration.”