The 3rd Christmas Show, moves to a smaller Theatre

ea70d802d43e4982f34a0a539340ac2d - The 3rd Christmas Show, moves to a smaller Theatre

The next year, there will be a new “The Christmas Show”. For this third edition of the festival that attracts the hottest and most eindejaarsspektakel on Sunday, the 20th of december, the Antwerp-based Theatre, “We have created now a new tradition around the holiday season and into the warm, roodfluwelen seats of the theatre, and this show, all the way to the right. The audience is seated very close to and in the best possible conditions to enjoy the best christmas celebration that you are celebrating with your family and friends. “The Christmas Show”, will not be less, on the contrary. We will continue to work on the unusual combinations of the most popular – and musicalartiesten, entertaining acts, and the chorus girls, to the live band, and a pack of surprises, all of which are associated with Christmas. We are having our Christmas Show in the supplementary alternative for those in the market, or a visit to the beautifully illuminated city centre of Antwerp if you want to combine it with a unique, varied and int. Soon we will be the first names on the line-up, but for anyone who wants to can already buy tickets”, says theatre producer, the Deep Area.

The 3rd edition of the Christmas Show will be held on Sunday, december 20, 2020 Antwerp’s Stadsschouwburg theatre. Tickets are on