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The Plopsa Group and the shareholders of the Antwerp-based indoorpretpark Imagine that this Station will have entered into an agreement for the theme park, the Plopsa Group is to be transferred. At the same time, to close Enjoying, a new arrangement with the Standard Publishing company, around the characters of the SU in the park. Hill over the next few years, so a € 5 million investment.

Imagine that this Station, in the Central Station of Antwerp, which opened its doors in 2017. In the last few months of the current shareholders, the participation company flanders (PMV, Vermec, and to Standard Publishing company, is looking for a new partner who is in the park gear up could bring. Eventually, they decided to complete the sale. “From a shareholder, we are pleased to Imagine that this Station, Antwerp-a new start on his part. The park has several benefits for families with young children to ensure a well-stocked family within the bustling city of Antwerp.”, according to the present shareholders. “We are confident that with the expertise of the Plopsa Group is to be a good option to have on the development of a sound future of the Comic Station in Antwerp.”