Controls-Marie Verhulst, “the future of the “Samson” cast?

Controls-Marie Verhulst, "the future of the "Samson" cast?

This past Saturday, it became known that Marie Verhulst, and her father, Samson & Gert, will be the follow-up. Just one hour before the first show, the Walter’s account of Walter Baele and Koen Crucke will be informed of their new colleague.

Walter’s account of the lord mayor of Affligem, and the mayor’s from Samson & Gert, it is up in the clouds, with the choice made by Gert Verhulst have created. “I think it’s a freshening up, it’s somebody young, because we are now all over thirty years of experience. I was 29 when we started to be Careful. It is now the 24th, we’ll take a fresh start with someone young, she is a girl that is podiumvast it is. In addition, you can Marie can sing and she has been in front of the cameras stopped. They also know what it is, it’s not so much that the Studio 100 is there anybody infield that is entirely new, and Marie Samson & Gert grew up with it,” he said to Walter, The Thunder will Start the Day on Radio 2 Vlaams-Brabant (netherlands).

But what’s going on now that Walter’s account of Walter Baele and Koen Crucke itself? It was a Saturday, with not a word about the incident. “For us this is just guess work. The point of view of the Studio 100’s, ” we will be Careful, but in what way, exactly, it’s a bit of a wait and see. The big question is whether or not there will be more next year-the new christmas shows are coming, what’s going on in the VRT, for example, with a new episode of Samson and Marie, or is it a new approach to the program? I think there’s a kind of a dialogue will come up, and that seems to me to be a logical step. It is now between the Studio 100 and the VRT is to determine which direction they want to go.”