The reactions after the world cup title in Liverpool at the expense of Flamengo beach (closed)

750624f3fb4e6888561163299c26499a - The reactions after the world cup title in Liverpool at the expense of Flamengo beach (closed)

The reactions after the world cup title in Liverpool at the expense of Flamengo beach (closed)

21 december, 2019 18:14
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Liverpool, hunts, Saturday, at the first world championship for clubs in the clubhistorie. The winner of the uefa Champions League and the final of Doha, Qatar against brazil’s Flamengo.

Good evening and welcome to our liveblog on the final game of the world cup venues. My name is Rob Hirschmann, and I will keep you informed of the latest developments in the final of the world clubtoernooi. Liverpool is taking it up against brazil’s Flamengo.

  • Results:
  • The Liverpool-Flamengo 1-0
  • Van Dyke plays the whole game
  • Wijnaldum will remain on the bench

World cup of clubs · 44 minutes ago

Liverpool’s tackles world cup, thanks to a gain in elongation at Flamengo
Liverpool has, for the first time in club history, the world cup of clubs would have won. The British were in the ninety minutes and not have to get rid of a Flamenco, but Firmino broke the extension of the ban. That goal proved to be decisive. Virgil van Dijk has played the whole game with it. Georginio Wijnaldum, Sepp, van den Berg, and Ki-Jana, How was the whole game on the bench.World cup of clubs-four hours geleden119 ” it was the perfect chance for Flamengo. The Lincoln has an open chance inside the box, but he smashes over.World cup of clubs-four hours geleden108′ Flamenco with a solution. Gabriel may be playing on the left, but they won’t in addition to. The Brazilians have, of course, pull out all the stops in order to have a chance to win.World cup of clubs-four hours geleden106, ” There it is again, football.World cup of clubs-four hours geleden105 The first half, and the extension is there. Liverpool is still a quarter of an hour away from the track.World cup of clubs-four of hours ago

Roberto Firmino was the man of the tournament for the club. He shot his team into the semi-finals, in the extreme, along the Monterrey conference, and he’s scoring now, so it may be back to the map.World cup of clubs-four hours geleden101, ” There was given to Van Dijk the chance for 2-0, but he will get a move on we have seen so far.World cup of clubs-four hours geleden100′ with A great salvation from the Flamengo goalkeeper in an attempt to reach the Salah.World cup of clubs-four hours ago, the99′ GOAL to Liverpool. 1-0

Firmino is breaking the spell for Liverpool. Mané is very controlled. He maintains the list and it will play Firmino to. The spire is very easy to start and will shoot out!World cup of clubs-four hours geleden96, ” There must be Of the Dike to act. He’s a dangerous ball across the dead ball line. In the corner, delivers Flamenco, then nothing.World cup of clubs-four hours geleden91, ” There is the potential in the World. The extension has been started.World cup of clubs-four hours geledenHet only three times before has happened is that in the final of the world cup of clubs in 2000, when the current form is supposed to be, not within the ninety-minute decision was made. In 2000, won the fullback, who after a penalty shoot-out, that of Vasco da Gama. In 2009, the FC Barcelona after extra time with 1-0 from the Students, and in 2016, it was Real Madrid, is an extension to the Kashima Antlers, to defeat (4-2).World cup of clubs-four hours geleden90+8,’ It is to renew!World cup of clubs-four hours geleden90+3′ is Not a penalty but a free ball in front of Flamengo beach.World cup of clubs · 2-hour geleden90+2′ The referee is going to have to look at the value.World cup of clubs · 2 hours ago90+1′ Penalty to Liverpool! The dismissed Mané will be brought down and the referee points to the spot.World cup of clubs · 2-hour geleden88′ Liverpool are set to on, in the hope that the race is still within the ninety-minute decision. Flamengo seems to be an extension to do the best to be found.World cup of clubs · 2-hour geleden86′ Henderson with a superb shot from distance, but the rescue we have seen so far, it is even more so.World cup of clubs · 2-hour geleden80′ Liverpool, a shot at glory. Alexander Arnold is the last stop after a long strike. He shoots, but his effort is touched, and it is easily cleared by the goalkeeper of the Flamengo beach.World cup of clubs · 2-hour geleden74′, and The game is silent for a moment, as Oxlade-Chamberlain is injured on the field. He is to be treated, and staggered in the field. Adam Lallana is up for it.World cup of clubs · 2-hour geleden71 ” Another twenty minutes or so of the official game time. If there is no scoring for that period of time, then it will be extended.World cup of clubs · 2-hour geleden69 ” A beautiful bicycle kick from Barbosa (Flamengo), but the Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson is not a surprise.World cup of clubs · 2 hours ago

FIFA’s boss, Gianni Infantino, and sheikh Joaan bin Hamad bin Khalifa Al Than, look carefully at the game.World cup of clubs · 2-hour geleden60′ Salah is in an offside, but the flag stays down. There is a fair chance for the Egyptians, but he smashes the ball over.World cup of clubs · 2-hour geleden58′ Liverpool is there going to be dangerous. Firmino is completely free, but it is also excluded.World cup of clubs · 2-hour geleden52 ” this is A good chance for Flamengo. Gabriel’s blast from distance at goal, but Alisson is ticking and the ball is next to it.World cup of clubs · 2-hour geledenMocht to Liverpool tonight for the world championship to go, there are a lot of Dutch flavour to it. At the club, there being four uk citizens in the selection of: Virgil van Dijk, Georginio Wijnaldum, Sepp, van den Berg, and Ki-Jana How much. They are the first Dutch people since Arjen Robben (2013, Bayern Munich) are in this title, grab it.World cup of clubs · 2-hour geleden51, ” It seems that Klopp’s team is in with the rest quite as sharp as it has been put. Liverpool will come strong out of the locker room, and you run the pressure quite a bit.World cup of clubs · 2-hour geleden49 ” another chance for Liverpool. Mo Salah will be aangespeeld in the r-rated, but he is now on the right side.World cup of clubs · 2-hour geleden47′ Post! Firmino is pretty quite and it has the 1-0 on the shoe, but they won’t against the post. In the first minute of the game he missed was also a great opportunity.World cup of clubs · 2-hour geleden46′ get The ball rolling again in the World.World cup of clubs · 3 hours ago

Resting in the heart of Doha! It’s not in the game of Liverpool, which is subject to a strong opening doesn’t really matter, the paint comes out. Flamengo is in some parts of the first half was even better.World cup of clubs · 3 hours ago

The trophy, which as it is football.World cup of clubs · 3 hours geleden41′ Salah will be removed, but will fall short. Finally, we can see Liverpool are back in the area, the goal of the Flamengo.World cup of clubs · 3 hours ago

We will look at the Flamengo beach is also a well-known face on the side. Jorge Jesus, the coach of the Brazilian team. The Portuguese had, in the past few years, a coach of Benfica and Sporting CP.World cup of clubs · 3 hours geleden32′ and Flamenco and has been for a while, it’s better for the game. The team that plays the ball around and penetrate the Liverpool back.World cup of clubs · 3 hours ago

Jürgen Klopp is sitting quietly in the dug-out, but it will take him a little bit of not feeling comfortable and that the team there have been a couple of minutes, it’s not to be.World cup of clubs · 3 hours geleden26′ Is a chance for Flamengo. Hénrique will be turned away, but they won’t by the left, through the other leg next to it.World cup of clubs · 3 hours geleden23 Bruno Henrique (Flamenco) comes in the box, and will give are dangerous, but the ball is out.World cup of clubs · 3 hours geleden16, ” We are a quarter of an hour on the road. Liverpool have already had a number of good chances on the opening goal, though, is the English storm in the closing minutes with a bit of a lie down.World cup of clubs · 3 hours ago

The public, in the heart of Doha, is quite different.World cup of clubs · 3 hours geleden6 And there was no Trent Alexander-Arnold, Liverpool, is close to scoring a goal. The attempt by the distance and just next to it.World cup of clubs · 3 hours geleden5′ Is a huge chance for Liverpool! Near Keïta to Mo Salah on a silver platter, but he’s off about it.World cup of clubs · 3 hours geleden3 Also Flamenco, a doelpoging make a note of. Giorgian De Arrascaeta to shoot from distance but the ball sails over.World cup of clubs · 3 hours geleden1, ” There’s a big chance for Liverpool! Firmino is coming off for the goalkeeper, but shooting is about.World cup of clubs · 3 hours geleden1 There is a kick off at the Khalifa International Stadium! Who takes out of the world cup for clubs?World cup of clubs · 3 hours geledenBij Liverpool, and there are in addition to Georginio Wijnaldum have two players on the bench. Ki-Jana, how Far, and the Sepp from the Mountain at any time be called by the manager, Jürgen Klopp.World cup of clubs · 3 hours geledenDe players are on the field in the World.World cup of clubs · 3 hours geledenLiverpool came in with pain and difficulty, to reach the final. In the semi-final, and won the game 2-1 in Monterrey, thanks to a late goal from Firmino. Flamengo has won in the semi-finals with a 3-1 Al-Hilal.Back to top

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