The new single, Western

6717904c7ca8356d38aa3b1fde297241 - The new single, Western

Western, ” the singing bus driver, as everyone knows, there is plenty to work on with the songs for his next full-length album. In order for this new album, he has already chosen to use the English-language song, “Lonely me” as a single, to make. – A Producer Koen Moeyaert (“Bandit”) it made for a startling new version of this Jack Jersey-in hit in 1977. In addition to his life as a bus driver and was singing with the passion of the Western, and he proves that over and over again with the beautiful songs, and a professional manner.

The single, “Lonely me”, from the Western, as a digital download from the label of the area which in the Records.

(Nico Vanaken)