Comments on the end of a-Z, and winning looks

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Comments on the end of a-Z, and winning looks

21 december, 2019 18:13
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In the last round before the winter break in the Premier league, next Saturday, to continue on with the club, sc Heerenveen-Heracles Almelo (1-1), PSV eindhoven-PEC Zwolle (4-1), Sparta Rotterdam and AZ (3-0), and Willem II, Fortuna Sittard, the netherlands (20: 45). To follow this liveblog.

Good evening, and welcome to the Eredivsie-liveblog at My name is Rob Hirschmann, and I will keep you informed of the developments on the game.

  • LIVE:
  • Willem II-Fortuna 0-0
  • Results:
  • Heerenveen-Heracles 1-To-1
  • PSV THE 4-1
  • Sparta-AZ 3-0

A 4-minute geleden55 ” Here’s Luck to suddenly be close to the 1-0. Angha explains to you from a distance, but his effort goes just next to it.A 6-minute geleden52′ Koselev (Luck) must have been a couple of times to take action. Willem II takes on a goal to be under attack.An 8-minute geleden51, ” The people of tilburg right pressure in the second half. The team is going to be full at the point of attack.A 10-minute geleden50 Now roll the ball back into the venue. Will there be a winner in this match?21 hours ago

Swift’s red card, Bizot leads to the first competitienederlaag, AZ in October, in the
A-Z run, in Rotterdam, at the first competitienederlaag since October. The Alkmaarders, that is, after a couple of minutes with ten men, meant a red card on the goalkeeper, Marco Bizot, to lose in The Castle), Rotterdam, Sparta: 3-0. Due to the defeat of the team of the trainer’s Time Slot is not winterkampioen.22 hours ago

PSV will close the calendar year off with a big win at PEC Zwolle
PSV eindhoven are going to be the winter break with a big win at PEC Zwolle: 4-1 of this manual. The Locals will take you through a match from Mustafa Saymak will soon be in deficit, but knowing that the game through Jorrit Hendrix, and Muhammad is Ihattaren have to rest in order to run. After the break, it passes the PSV thanks to goals from Bruma and Learn Gakpo to 4-1.23-geleden90 ” There will be three minutes. A-Z is on it’s way to sensitive and a defeat, while in the Race with a nice victory going to the books. The club will celebrate the death of clubicoon His Performance was a big victory.28 minutes ago

A lot of fighting and adventure, as they say, but to score goals, we haven’t seen before in the Netherlands. Willem II-Fortuna Sittard you find in the locker room with a 0-0-outcome.29 minutes ago

Learn Gakpo, making his fourth Premier-league-goal of the season. The last-born citizen of eindhoven, with a minimum of four-Premier-league-goals for PSV in the season it was Otman Bakkal in 2009/2010, eleven goals).30 minutes, geleden84′ a-Z only have a few minutes to do something, when in the wide gap. However, it would be a miracle if the Alkmaarders here, don’t lose it.The 32-minute geleden82′ Bruma seems to be on his way to his second goal of the night with a great salvation, it prevents the goalkeeper Zetterer to get worse for the city of Zwolle. It remains to 4-1.33 minutes ago

He Finally, exasperated and out of his frustration at Kevin Blom, who clearly does not feel like it.The 34-minute geleden79′ Goal disallowed by the Race! Ache to slide the ball in, but he was in a buitenspelpositie.The 39-minute geleden75 ” A wonderful time at The Castle. Supporters of ignition sparks in the 75th minute. Jules Deelder, passed away this week at the age of 75.42 minutes ago,a 72′ GOAL in PSV’s! 4-1

Gakpo more great play in the Zwolle defence as well as fine way past, and it makes it 4-1 from it. Coach Faber is going to be the first Premier league match as PSV eindhoven coach to win.43 minutes ago

Pop in for the start of the game, but the game continues with the fireworks display still off. Willem II, Fortuna Sittard, both of them looking for goals. After a little more than half an hour, it is not yet present in the Koning Willem II Stadion.The 43-minute geleden69′ Ache, with the chance of a 4-0 lead, but the AZ keeper and Rody for the Farmer and prevents the worse of the Alkmaarders.the one-hour geleden67′ Doan make room for the PSV captain is angled drive. The midfielder for the remainder of this game with a goal in the meepakkenéén hours ago

Viergever, compared to a goal, and, therefore, lead to the suspension of the PSV, on the 19th of January, the competition will resume at VVV-Venlo, the hour ago

The race may be on for the first time since march 1985, with a three-goal difference and win a-Z in the Premier league. In those days it was 5 to 2 in the hour ago –57′ GOAL of the Race! 3-0

Dervisoglu, from the eleven-meter has no error, and get the shot in the bottom right corner. The shared front-runner in the Premier league on a 3-0 gap in the hour ago –56′ free Kick and the Race!

Van la parra is hard, and takes Smith down. The race should be a penalty to hour ago –52′ GOAL in PSV’s! 3-1

With a little luck, ends up with the ball to Bruma, which is in the lower left hand corner with the 3-1 record. The PSV is a bad start to the rose.the one-hour geleden47′ Harroui in hot pursuit of the ball against the crossbar. There is in AZ a hour ago

Steven Bergwijn has been in the last five thuisduels in the Premier league with eleven goals: the four goals and seven assists in the tournament. Today, he will be in with two goals, an assist off.the one-hour geleden46′ player continues to Jorrit Hendrix, the author of the 1-to-1, in the back of the walk-in closet. He will be replaced by Bruma. The second half kicks hour ago

Willem II have, for the first time in his clubhistorie of 32 points and seventeen Division championships. The last clubrecord after seventeen matches were thirty points in 1999/2000.Willem II-Fortuna Sittard · the one-hour geleden1, ” And the last champion’s League match today will start at Willem II, Fortuna Sittard, the hour ago

And in addition, there is the question. Of the ten, from the a-Z are half way up a 2-0 gap at the hour ago

It is the peace in europe. Easy-going, but PSV is still on for a 2-1-lead at PEC Zwolle, the hour ago

The laid-off, Mark van Bommel will be the last contest, sung to the MANU supporters.2 hours ago

Mohamed Ihattaren, making his other champion’s League-goal on behalf of the PSV. He is the fifth teenager and with at least three Premier-league-goals-on behalf of the Locals:

  • Eleven goals in a match – Willy van der Kuijlen
  • With four goals in a match – Right
  • Three goals in a match – Zakaria Bakkali
  • Three goals in a match – Eidur Gudjohnsen
  • The three “goals” – Muhammad Ihattaren

2 hours ago

A-Z was up to today’s seven Premier league duels in a row without a tegendoelpunt. In was in AZ up to the edge of the box from the Motor 674 Premier league minutes without a tegendoelpunt.A 2-hour geleden35′ What a great opportunity for the ACADEMY to be on the same level with you. Saymak is completely free, and it has the angle you want to play, but Unnerstall, who saves well with the base.2 hours ago

There is no winner for Heerenveen-Heracles
The match between sc Heerenveen and Heracles Almelo is no winner (1-1). The visitors are coming after a rest ahead of a run of Cyriel Dessers. Shortly after that move He is Now in the 1-to-1-final score on the scoreboard.2 hours ago there areup to 30 GOAL of the Race! 2-0

If Smith comes into his own in the general-purpose, omspeelt Rody, the Farmer, and get 2-0 inside. It will be very difficult for the visitors from Alkmaar to make this year to be over.2 hours ago

Marco Bizot has been in the east working on behalf of a-Z of red extract in the Premier league, after the Boy and Aquarius on the 29th of april, 2007, on a visit to the Grand.2 hours ago –26′ GOAL in PSV’s! 2-1

Mohammed Ihattaren! With a superb shot from the edge of the penalty area and he set up the PSV to lead at the ACADEMY.A 2-hour geleden25′ poor decision. The beat ends up with the ball, with Thy. In the box you can, it might be better to discard it, but make sure to get yourself to the shoot, and to see his efforts go next.2 hours ago

AZ’s goalkeeper, Marco Bizot, should be today though, after five minutes, red to leave. He had a record to be able to handle the 32-to-play players to keep the zero in all competitions in a calendar year on behalf of a Premier league club. Although Bizot has no goal, he continues, the number of ‘clean sheets’ to Bizot, on the 31st alone. The team needs to be in the competition to zero and the player must have a minimum of 75 minutes to be played in order to have a “clean sheet” to deal with.A 2-hour geleden22′ Zetterer delivers the ball, just like in the Rosary, which is Bergwijn is reached. The attacker has his sights not on a Thursday, and in hot pursuit of the ball, a meter in addition to the wrong side of the road.2 hours ago –18′ GOAL in the Race! 1-0

Hi, what is a wereldgoal of Adil Auassar! The 33-year-old, he and his rams have the ball at feet into the intersection, and puts the Race in the lead.2 hours ago –18′ GOAL in PSV’s! 1-to-1

Jorrit Hendrix put himself in the attack, and slide the 1-by-1 into the goal. It is the same in the Philips Stadium.2 hours ago –13′ GOAL in the ACADEMY! From 0 to 1

Saymak takes the ball after a mistake from Schwaab, and push the 0 to 1 in the far corner. The ACADEMY takes a surprising lead in Eindhoven, the netherlands.A 2-hour geleden8 Trainer Lock picks And the White to the side. Net Rody de Boer his replacement.2 hours ago,5′, RED-Z!

Bizot is much too far for his goal, misses the ball completely, and it takes Ache out of it anymore. Bizot will be red and a-Z should be about 85 minutes with ten men to play with.2 hours ago

Cyriel Dessers make it tonight, his twelfth goal of the season. Thus, he has repeatedly scored in his previous two Premier league seasons on top of each other (forty-Premier-league-matches on behalf of FC Utrecht, twelve goals).2 hours ago

Thomas Faber, was already a six-times as a responsible person in addition to the field player in the Premier league. From march to may 2014, he was a five-Premier-league-club experience as a coach of PSV eindhoven since Philip Cocu for an operation that is not able to play. In October 2014, for Faber, a suspended Cocu down the line.Premier league · 2-hour geleden1 in Eindhoven, and Rotterdam is to play football. PSV eindhoven-PEC Zwolle and Sparta, a-Z, are on the way.Back to top

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