Jessica and Rita make up for the Belgian first

79a3db410d4613160265295b029bedfe - Jessica and Rita make up for the Belgian first

Earlier this week, you could be in the world of Showbiz-it’s all about the fact that We have a song recorded by her mother, Rita. That is, we have The Voice of Senior. We had a meeting with the two of them, as a mother, and a daughter, who, in the run-up to Christmas, along with a track record that is unique in the country.

Where did you get it for a Single to do with it?
Jessica: I just got my labelboss, ” John, From the Notes of BROTHER Records, I saw a Kerstsong to do so. I just came up on its own, the idea is to get together with my mom to do it.

With your mom?
Rita: My child, (Jessie), is never otherwise have been. She was only 8-years-old when she went with her dad and me at the weekly performances of Willy Sommers which we are a part of his band. It was for the first time on the Dutch national ballet as a child.

Jessica: For me, this is the most natural form of this is because I have, for the most part of my life, and always have done. When he was 8 years old, I went with my parents and my encounter with Willy Sommers and then She’s Valck, so for me, this is a kind of a very, very natural. After all my years of working in the dance scene, I took mom to her participation in the Voice, a Senior in the thread, go back a bit, picked up to put together things to do and see, with the hit single “Christmas Time” as a result, the icing on the cake. Their own single, ‘mother and daughter’ , this unique and heart-warming…. Be thankful for the good relationship and connection that we have together, because this could be for many people, it’s really not the case, and I am aware that there are a lot of people who are parents have already lost or are not in good relationship with their parents, so let this be a support and encouragement to all. This is the period In which it may not be easy for everyone is family and everyone has an important role to play, and we all should try to go for “Peace and Harmony” throughout the year, not just during the christmas season.

This song is completely different to that of the general, you just have to be, if you are the well-established dance music legend, for 20 years, and this is not a risky leap?
Jessica: I have never, ever begun to sing, Dance, diva, or whatever, on the contrary, I just happened by chance, but it’s also very, very grateful for all of it, because I, of course, but where I am now. However, I do have programs on radio and tv, a lot of the borders in a very different genre of people does not belong to me, just that is very hard to appeal to them and that I was in for 2020, it plans to have.

Rita, were you ever in a Rocket as a child, which has the potential to see it?
Rita: yes, Yes, she could sing before she could talk. We had it at home in a recording studio, where all the time went, all the way out between the keyboard,guitars, drums and microphones. So, yes, it should come as no surprise, because that was already clear as a child that this is their habitat and they will be there with a parent, and in her found, ” it would have to come back. It is, therefore, absolutely no surprise at all that they would not go, and due to her talent and perseverance, I have always believed that the goal would be reached.

How did you get it to make a KERSTSingel out of it.
Rita: We just called to me to ask whether I saw it or when I put together a plate to take to him, not knowing that it was a Kerstsingel was. It could not have been better, because the picture was a perfect fit for the year-on-year, following the Voice to the Senior, that there is now a record comes out, and more to do with my own daughter.