Stefan Ackermans return to tv

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Surprise and said, well operator named Stefan Ackermans returns to TV, Plus a return to the small screen. Stefan Ackermans (49) The Guy with The Advantage (over 65), and Martine Prenen (55) are picked up at this year’s wire in their tv career. Also, Stefan, World will be a program on the Flemish national radio TELEVISION a Plus.

Stefan Ackermans, was the presenter at the Studio, Brussels, belgium, Four, and Nostalgia, and is a co-founder of the 4FM and the Life.TV. Starting in January, he will present a weekly ‘The filing cabinet’ on TV-Plus, in which well-known guests of the favourite albums in their life. “For the love of music is central, says Stefan World. “This is exactly the kind of thread of thread in my life…. Together with our guests we will quickly run through the timeless songs of their lives, with a lot of attention to the vinyl and the album covers. Also lots of childhood memories and an important carrièremomenten of the guests will come to the fore. These are all issues that will be perfect for the TV Plus the plug in, which will complete the map of the retro and the nostalgia of the draw. I’m looking forward to the many guests in our comfortable studio, in a way (laughs).”
Waiting until January doesn’t have to. At this time of year presents Stefan is all, ” The Winter of 70’ on the TV, PLUS. “Bet on retro, health, and lifestyle, that is, the set-up of the TV-Plus, a digital channel from my provider. The baseline should be the atmosphere-in her own words completely sum up: A’joy of Life’.