Reactions to the escape of PSV against GVVV in KNVB bekertoenooi

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Reactions to the escape of PSV against GVVV in KNVB bekertoenooi

December 18, 2019 17:23
18-12-19 at 17:23
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Walter sat morning on a visit to the amateurs GVVV escaped elimination in TOTO THE Cup. Mohamed Ihattaren was deep on the road to the 1-2 for the Locals. Please read all of the comments in this liveblog.

Good evening, and welcome to this liveblog! My name is Robbert van der Linde, and I’ve got you here, at the height of the latest developments in the DUTCH cup tonight.

GVVV-PSV eindhoven 1-2 (wis.n.d.)
Telstar-Ajax In A 3-4
E-the Green Star, 3-0
Heracles-Dodrecht 3-0
Willem II-Sparta (3-0GVVV RANGE · 15 hours ago

Afellay: ‘a Breach of contract are provided, gifbeker should be empty
Ibrahim Afellay has been clear about the cup match PSV against GVVV (1-2). “We have a breach of contract is provided. We have been through, and that’s all that can be said. It’s hard to get your finger on the sore spot to lay. Everyone can do everything, but it’s gifbeker seems to be completely empty. You have to be very deep to get to the winning over of the line to draw. We have to win, and that’s one of the best, and the rest of it, we should soon forget,” said the captain, who was interim coach Ernest Faber will be respected. “You can’t turn in a single day. We must all hard to keep working.”THE cup · 19 hours ago

Fourteen of the last sixteen teams in the KNVB cup tournament are announced. Morning are FC Groningen, FC Utrecht and SC Cambuur-Feyenoord in the program, they need to enter the following teams:

Go Ahead Eagles
sc Heerenveen
TOP-Oss, the netherlands
FC Eindhoven
Fortuna Sittard, The Netherlands
Heracles Almelo
Spakenburg (nl)
Willem II
STOKE city
PSVGVVV RANGE · 25 minutes ago

Ploeterend PSV only after extra-time along GVVV
Walter, the crisis is far from over, but the last sixteen of the KNVB cup. The Locals have an extension at the amateurs GVVV, once in the regular time 1-1, with goals from Kostas Mitroglou and Soufiane Laghmouchi. Mohamed Ihattaren crown, two minutes before the end of the extension to the savior of the pitch, that is, the time-Faber, so I will begin with a victory.GVVV-PSV · 27 minutes ago inthe Past! PSV eindhoven to win with all the pain and trouble of the world, the brave fighting GVVV. It was only in the last minute of extra time to shoot, Mohamed Ihattaren the Locals into the next round of THE cup.GVVV RANGE · 32 minutes ago,118′ GOAL in PSV’s! 1-2

Do not ask how, but the PSV and then drag it to the gates of hell in your way. Steven Bergwijn is reached, Mohamed Ihattaren. The seventeen-year-old midfielder dragging the ball to the right, and to provide to themselves and just enough room to get out of it. Bet it flies on the lower side of the bar, against the ropes, and is suddenly very, very quiet at sportpark Panhuis.GVVV-MANU · a 34-minute geleden115 ” this is an opportunity for Afellay. The leader will be tightly made by Viergever, however, produces a afzwaaier. The time is ticking in the meantime and will GVVV be the best.GVVV RANGE · 36 minutes ago

The crisis in the BACKLINE to keep, even if the Locals have a bekeruitschakeling still be able to avoid it.GVVV-MANU · a 42-minute geledenDe in the second half of the extension, it starts with a big clash between Dumfries and The Lion. Both of them need to be equally provided for, but for the match to continue. For GVVV will, of course, no one in the field, even if they have a leg to lose it.GVVV-PSV · 44 minutes ago

Lars Unnerstall love Berry Powel from scoring a wonder. We get in the West is the biggest surprise of the round, and perhaps in the history of the national cup to look like?GVVV-PSV-four hours sincethe End of the first half to extend! GVVV is always to stand up against PSV eindhoven, though, the fatigue is becoming more and more a part to play. Another fifteen minutes and PSV has a penaltyloterij to avoid it.GVVV-PSV-four hours geleden103 ” As a chance for GVVV. It is Unnerstall his hand is sufficient, a stake of The graph is given, otherwise MANU just behind it.GVVV-PSV-four hours geleden101′ BACKLINE try it a couple of times, from a distance, but the balls can be GVVV, right? Efforts are, in fact, right at the keeper and Jones and go on a high about it.GVVV-PSV-four hours geleden95 Even to the extend of defending GVVV, with might and main. The PSV is there to simply not pass through the non-professionals, who are there to see to do everything possible in order to have a penaltyserie to force it.GVVV-PSV-four hours geledenDe end of GVVV, against PSV eindhoven in the picture.

🔥 | Pandemonium at sportpark Panhuis! @GVVV is just for a period of time on a 1-to-1 at @PSV.


AuteurFOX SportsMoment of plaatsen22:32 am – december 18, 2019GVVV RANGE one day ago

GVVV is a celebration of the final exciting, and the players of the PSV, it can hardly be believed.GVVV RANGE one day ago

The renewal! It is incredible that after about 90 minutes, are the GVVV, and the PSV in the end. It is, of course, been a great publicity stunt, but there’s still more in the tank for the second divisionist?GVVV RANGE one day ago

GOAAAAL!!! 1-to-1
#gvvpsv #TOTOKNVBBeker


AuteurG.D.D.D.The time of plaatsen22:29 – december 18, 2019GVVV RANGE · one-hour geledenSportpark Panhuis is completely out of his mind after a late in the second half of the GVVV at PSV eindhoven. It should most likely be an extension to it in the West.

GVVV in minute 84 for the 1-to-1. #gvvpsv


AuteurPim BruijnzeelsMoment of plaatsen22:29 – december 18, 2019GVVV RANGE-four hours ago,84′ GOAL, GVVV! 1-to-1

Bekervoetbal, you have to love it! The amateurs GVVV arrive a few minutes before time to be at the same height from the BACKLINE! Soufiane Laghmouchi, it is just the mind, but it only has a little time to get Bikes in a fire. The attacker has to shoot the ball hard into the far bottom corner from the edge of the penalty area.GVVV RANGE one day ago

78 ” It is with fits and starts for PSV eindhoven against GVVV, but as the game creeps to reach the other end. The Locals defend it, still have a minimal edge against the bravely fighting as amateurs.GVVV-PSV · 2-hour geleden64 ” and after a while exploding of stock, as GVVV, at the same height, and appear to be. The beer of the crowd, flying through the air, but the referee accepts the goal of ” Danny the Lion off. It says a lot about how difficult it is for the PSV, it will.GVVV-PSV · 2-hour geleden60 A ” prudent culmination for a PSV player: Ibrahim Afellay can minutes. The captain is entitled to a half-hour participate in, and in order to Ritsu Doan.Telstar-Ajax amsterdam · 2 hours to geledenOok in the United States of america, they have seen that Sergiño Dest, tonight, two, time, beautiful, touch your lap, on behalf of Ajax.

Oh WELL, Sergiño.


AuteurU.S. Play MNTMoment of plaatsen21:43 – 18 december 2019Sparta located in Nijkerk, netherlands-NAC Breda · 2 hours ago –94′ GOAL to STOKE city! From 0 to 1

NAC have extension is needed, but it is still in the lead over Sparta Nijkerk. Huseyin Dogan does the discharge opening goal for the team from Breda, the netherlands.THE cup of · 2-hour geledenOok Heracles Almelo-Willem II pick up a 3-0 victory in the next round of THE cup. The Almeloërs to do it against FC Dordrecht, the netherlands, and the people of tilburg, defeat of Sparta Rotterdam, the netherlands. In the Oostzaan-Spakenburg and Sparta Nijkerk-STOKE city after 90 minutes of no goals in writing, so there is an extension.E-Green Star · 2 hours ago

Ten a-Z more than, along with Green Star
AZ has a strange way in the last sixteen of the KNVB-cup to be achieved. The Alkmaarders success, with more than half of the to be scored against the amateurs of the Green Star, and it should be ten minutes of rest, even with ten men following a red card to Rajiv van la parra. Prompt the Alkmaarders three goals in a seven-minute through Ferdy Druijf, Jonas Svensson, and This is the White and then the game is quiet complete.GVVV-PSV · 2 hours ago

Peace of mind! A sloppy BACKLINE is extremely difficult for the amateurs GVVV, but just before half-time, nevertheless in the lead. Thanks to Kostas Mitroglou will go to the Locals, with a 0 to 1-lead into the locker room.Heracles Almelo-FC Dordrecht · 2 hours ago –86′ GOAL Heracles Almelo, the netherlands! 3-0

As for FC Dordrecht is still believed in to a very dangerous place, now it’s gone. Heracles throws out of the game permanently in the slot by Tim Breukers. In the play, it is the end of a beautiful attack.GVVV-PSV · 2 hours ago –42′ GOAL in PSV’s! From 0 to 1

The PSV is bad, then finally, the Veenendaalse the wall. The ball shoots all the way to the foot of Kostas Mitroglou. The Greek striker to blast the the games, through the legs of keeper of GVVV in the target. The relief was visible on everyone’s chain.GVVV-PSV · 2 hours ago

The cause of the leak is not on the pitch, even against GVVV going to be extremely difficult. For some of the supporters of the dismissal of Mark van Bommel still isn’t enough, they are demanding the departure of the chief technical officer, John Young, and the general director Toon Gerbrands.GVVV-PSV · 2-hour geleden35′ PSV is of course the most of the ball, but there wasn’t a lot of them. Doan will be the most likely, but they won’t be in a detached position, high up on the purpose of the GVVV.GVVV-PSV · 2 hours ago

Ernest Faber is looking to be the first race of the pitch under his leadership. He and his players haven’t been inspired to do great things, and after half an hour, the Locals are still at a 0-0 is on a visit to GVVV.E-Green Star · 3 hours ago,67′ GOAL in AZ! 3-0

Apparently it had been in AZ for the red card to Rajiv van la parra to wake up, because the Green Star is still rolled up. And the White makes it as the third Dutch goal in a matter of seven minutes.E-Green Star · 3 hours ago

Ferdy Druijf and Thomas Ouwejan, to celebrate the 1-0 from a-Z at the Green Star.E-Green Star · 3 hours ago,61′ GOAL for AZ! 2-0

What are a-Z, with eleven men, in 55 minutes, was not able to be able to do the Alkmaarders ten people in the next five minutes two more times. First, open the Ferdy Druijf the map, and then Jonas Svensson, a minute later, the margin is doubled. It seemed to be a tough night for the crew of the Time Slot, but it seems to come up.E-Green Star · 3 hours geleden55′ Red card in AZ! The Alkmaarders is still to be 0-0 at the people interested in the Green Star, the rest of the game with a man less and less to play with. Rajiv van la parra takes the broken Chefrino at the End of words and are allowed to leave. Is the Green Star is after the profits in the TOURIST office car park to a much larger bekerstunt achieve this?Heracles Almelo-FC Dordrecht · 3 hours ago,51′ GOAL Heracles Almelo, the netherlands! 2-0

Silvester van der Water, doubled the margin on behalf of United. The attacker was waiting for the right time, and passes the ball in the far corner.GVVV-MANU · a 3-hour geleden7′ Post MANU! Mohamed Ihattaren deliver to Thomas Faber for almost a droomstart as PSV eindhoven coach. The seventeen-year-old midfielder becomes the mark with a fine swing.THE cup · 3 hours ago

In the five games that are for 19: 45 start to the second half. In the meantime, it is also GVVV-PSV have started. Among the Locals, there is a shock effect, after the dismissal of Mark van Bommel?Telstar-Ajax amsterdam · 3 hours ago

Ten Hag to be critical in a Long time
Erik ten Hag has been in general, satisfied with the ‘babies’ of Ajax, but put in a critical note at the end Noah a Long time. “Ryan, Gravenberch, and Jurgen Ekkelenkamp have a great play. For a long time with varying success. He is a good goal, but some poor choices,” said the coach of Ajax amsterdam, who, with the young winger in the first half, heard one scolding them. “He has to accept the fact that the great Tadic against him. Later he was to come back, but at this point, he should shut up and continue playing. He has at times played very well, but it must be continuous.”Telstar-Ajax amsterdam · 3 hours ago

Tadic: “We are in need of rest.”
Dusan Tadic is achieved with Ajax in the next round of the cup, but Telstar was far from easy (3-4). “It was a tough night, but it was going to be a win, and that’s what we’ve done. It may be, however, that there are three goals to collect and, more importantly, how it is used. We would have won, but that’s all,” said the Serbian leader, who acknowledges that he and his team-mate long into the winter break. “We have to have a year to finish it, but we are in need of rest.”THE cup · 3 hours ago

The rest of the five of cups, that for 19: 45 has begun. The goals are all in short supply, except in the city of Tilburg, where Willem II all in one and one-half foot in the next round. In Alkmaar the Green Star is, surprisingly, AZ is still in control.

E-the Green Star 0-0
Heracles Almelo-FC Dordrecht 1-0
Written A Little-Spakenburg (Nl) 0-0
Sparta Nijkerk-STOKE city 0-0
Willem II-Sparta Rotterdam-3-0Telstar and Ajax · 3 hours geledenHet, is indeed Ajax and that is to win and progress to the next round of the league cup, but in the best-of-this-goal ” of the game comes in the name of Telstar.

👏 | Tiki-Taka in the Year to the fullest. @telstar1963nv defence is very brave at the great @AFCAjax. Final score 3-4.


AuteurFOX SportsMoment of plaatsen20:22 – december 18, 2019Telstar and Ajax · 3 hours ago

Ajax, with difficulty, along the Telstar
With a lot more effort than I thought to implement Ajax to qualify for the last sixteen of the KNVB cup. Ajax to win to stay at the Telstar a little with the 3-4. Sergiño Dest (2), Noah Lang and Jurgen Ekkelenkamp scores on behalf of the team, Erik ten Hag. By the hits of Frank Korpershoek, Benaissa Benamar, and He Kharchouch’s Telstar, however, is never far away, and it continues up to the last minute is exciting, but it means Ajax and, ultimately, balance.Willem II-Sparta Rotterdam · 3 hours ago –a 31′ a GOAL for Willem II!!! 3-0

The people of tilburg, seem, after a half-an-hour, certainly by the next round. Che Nunnely shoot, coldly, touch, after a lovely steekballetje Mike Tréson Ndayishimiye. The race does not seem to be interested in a follow-up in the cup.Telstar-Ajax amsterdam · 3 hours ago,89′ GOAL is Telstar! 3-4

It is a hot day in the engine room. Just when the Ajax two times in the second one, it makes Reda Kharchouch the aansluitingstreffer. The striker escaped the offside trap and draw the attention of Joel Veltman, more than just Andre Onana in and out of the ball into the far corner.Willem II-Sparta Rotterdam · 3 hours ago –24′ GOAL for Willem II!!! 2-0

Willem II are going to continue blithely on in your own home. Mike’s Association Ndayishimiye put Vangelis Pavlidis for the purpose. The efforts of the Greek striker will be reversed, and the Belgian midfielder in the rebound-but it does.Telstar-Ajax amsterdam · 3 hours ago

Goalscorers Jurgen Ekkelenkamp and Sergiño Dest, fall into each other’s arms. It takes some time, but Ajax are going to win from the Telstar to the next round of the cup.Telstar-Ajax amsterdam · 3 hours geleden84′ Tadic from the center circle to neil Van der Maaten far from his goal and attempts from long distance. The attempts of the Serb, chasing all the Telstar, and he loves the flesh creep on the back, but the ball flies just over.Back to top

Image: A Pro-Shots