For the first time, more than 6,000 runners at the Warmathon in Brussels

6e904e149c87f289e4754fd7a81d5a2e - For the first time, more than 6,000 runners at the Warmathon in Brussels

The Warmathon set to be The Hottest Week of a lot of people who are literally in motion for a charity that is important to them. This year it was moved to the Warmathon in Brussels at the King baudouin stadium. The new location turned out to be a huge success: for the first time, and walked 6129 sports enthusiasts, join us in Brussels for their chosen charity to support. Thus, it was also this year’s Warmathon with us. In total, the Warmathon, in Brussels, the 78 623 euro) for the 2088 charities from The Middle of the Week.

It’s a paved trail all around the stadium, the Warmathon, in Brussels, is also very suitable for athletes with a disability. The starting signal was given by Peter Genyn, Belgium paralympic rolstoelatleet of the time. Genyn, who, just last month, the gold, and won a silver medal at the world para-track and field, with his fellow athletes from the Belgian Paralympic Committee to compete at the vzw Parantee-Psylos to the support of the Flemish sports federation for athletes with a disability. Their example was inspiring to many of the other G-athletes-more than 200 athletes came out of laps to make do with a wheelchair, handbike or two to get to their a good cause to support.

However, there were many more athletes, such as olympic bronze judo: Dirk Van Tichelt. As he was walking in circles in his judo suit and bare feet, “these are my work clothes. Like many others here, to check out their lunch break to come along.” Himself went to Tichelt for vzw, Doctors of the World.