Dorien Schrijnemakers, is a rising star in the Theater, The Roxy

6931c0a213a09eaa15e8285e9b268e1f - Dorien Schrijnemakers, is a rising star in the Theater, The Roxy

Up to and including the 28th of december, you are in the Theater, The Roxy, Saint-Trond all laugh at the kerstkomedie ‘shooting Stars’ by Yves Caspar, r.a. the actor, Gunter Reniers. A striking, strong appearance, besides, Gunter is the one that musicalzangeres Dorien Schrijnemakers from the Square.

Wireless internet : “In one of my other comedies, ” Thank you, dear parents, we held a few years ago to audition for the young beroepsactrices. Dorien was there as one of the winners. They have been at The Roxy to stay, and it was already to be seen in the musical ” blood brothers (bloedbroeders)’. And it is, therefore, also in the ‘shooting stars’. Her character in the book, the shy, Sandra, appears to have a strong, but hidden, talent has to offer. She turned in the performance of small-zangeresje to be a true diva. The public smult it.”

After Dorien in 2015, graduated from the conservatory of music in Brussels, belgium, department of musical comedy, she went on to work at Loge10 Theaterproducties, as a professor at the Hasselt conservatory of music, and as a stemactrice. Also, it was Dorien are on a tv show in the ‘Family’, ‘De kotmadam’, and some of the commercials. In the “Falling stars” will take Dorien, along with the rest of the cast and the audience, all in the spirit of christmas. You, too, can be there to witness it. There will be two further performances on the 22nd and the 28th of december at 20: 15 cet.