The four well-known bakklunzen in the Bake Off tent

The four well-known bakklunzen in the Bake Off tent

Tonight, you FOUR, look at the christmas from the Bake-Off region of Flanders. Specially for Christmas, there is a white Bake-Off tent all over again. Wim Opbrouck is inviting this time with New Levels, Jérôme, Cath Luyten, and Ben Segers, off to a nice robbertje to use them. They have a little pastry shop in talent, but more desire.

It stopped snowing, the sun is shining it is even suspected to be hard, but it’s not in their heart. “I am very happy to be here, I love Christmas and the atmosphere around it,” says the New Levels. “I’ve been around a long month ahead of time music,” says Cath Luyten. Also, Jérôme has the following expression: “A Christmas without He was this year. I don’t know if I am not, so a white Christmas after all.”

Two of the missions presents to the jury for them to. For the first time in a not much time for breakfast is on the table, turn on the basis of a formula. “I don’t stronkervaring. I don’t even know what it really looks like it,” said Tine. “I’m a stronkmaagd,” states Ben Segers. Looking to dive for anything to be deep in the green dye, and bake, with green lips and a tongue. “It would be salmonella for Christmas, I’m afraid. Exactly The Accident!”

The companies are struggling with food processors, sharp knives, stoves, and other. Jérôme is stealing the home-made jam from Kate and Ben Segers, blessed be the keep your tent floor with a very loperige version of the knalgroene biscuitdeeg.