Series A, apologizes for ‘ill-advised’ antiracismecampagne

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Series A, apologizes for ‘ill-advised’ antiracismecampagne

18 december, 2019 00:41
18-12-19 00:41
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The Series is A Tuesday night in a statement, it apologised for the proposed antiracismecampagne, in which paintings of monkeys and apes have been used. In so doing, the Italian football league’s attention to the fight against racism and discrimination.

Director Luigi de Siervo, makes excuses, and says now, to realize that the use of the work, “mr.”, too. There will soon be a new antiracismecampagne.

A firestorm of criticism erupted on Monday against the top Italian football division, after the anti-discriminatiegroepering Fare with a negative reaction to the idea. On Tuesday, following criticism of the big Italian clubs like AC Milan and AS Roma, who have launched a similar campaign to encourage.