Lesley-Ann Poppe opens up, The Beauty Clinic

7376dd5acbcc20fa16ed9b70895ce0c0 - Lesley-Ann Poppe opens up, The Beauty Clinic

Lesley-Ann Poppe has been already for 15 years working in the beauty industry. Its concept, Beauty, and Medical Academy, which is directed exclusively at professional beauty treatments. These specialized schools can be esthéticiennes training in the latest beauty techniques and professional knowledge of up-to-date. Due to on-going research into the latest in Hi-Tech Beauty Techniques, the Beauty and the Medical Academy have a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Since the beginning of the week to be able to consumers to take advantage of this know-how, last week, opened it, Lesley-Ann Poppe are the doors of her first Beauty Clinic. In this brand-new concept, the use of state of the art equipment and techniques to be very results-oriented treatments to offer. The Beauty Clinic specialises in teeth whitening, skin enhancement or anti-aging, anti-acne, hyper-pigmentation, refine pores, etc.) and the Colombian Butt Lift. Perfect for right before the holidays, and you look through it with a beaming white Hollywood Smile, sensual, with a more prominent buttocks, or a full-Cannabis Beauty Treatment.