Comments on doelpuntenrijke victory, as Ajax bekerduel by Telstar

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Comments on doelpuntenrijke victory, as Ajax bekerduel by Telstar

December 18, 2019 17:23
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In TOTO, THE Cup stand on Wednesday to seven games in the second round of the program. Defending champions Ajax amsterdam have won with 3-4, Telstar, m, 19: 45 the match between AZ and amateurclub Green Star began, while PSV eindhoven in the evening, at 20.45 hours, shut down at the Veenendaalse GVVV.

Good evening, and welcome to this liveblog! My name is Robbert van der Linde, and I’ve got you here, at the height of the latest developments in the DUTCH cup tonight.

E-the Green Star 0-0
Heracles-Dordrecht 1-0
Willem II-Sparta ( 3-0
20: 45:
Telstar-Ajax in a 3-4THE cup · 5 hours ago

The rest of the five of cups, that for 19: 45 has begun. The goals are all in short supply, except in the city of Tilburg, where Willem II all in one and one-half foot in the next round. In Alkmaar the Green Star is, surprisingly, AZ is still in control.

E-the Green Star 0-0
Heracles Almelo-FC Dordrecht 1-0
Written A Little-Spakenburg (Nl) 0-0
Sparta Nijkerk-STOKE city 0-0
Willem II-Sparta Rotterdam-3-0Telstar, But · an 11-minute drive geledenHet, is indeed Ajax and that is to win and progress to the next round of the league cup, but in the best-of-this-goal ” of the game comes in the name of Telstar.

👏 | Tiki-Taka in the Year to the fullest. @telstar1963nv defence is very brave at the great @AFCAjax. Final score 3-4.


AuteurFOX SportsMoment of plaatsen20:22 – december 18, 2019Telstar, But · 18 hours ago

Ajax, with difficulty, along the Telstar
With a lot more effort than I thought to implement Ajax to qualify for the last sixteen of the KNVB cup. Ajax to win to stay at the Telstar a little with the 3-4. Sergiño Dest (2), Noah Lang and Jurgen Ekkelenkamp scores on behalf of the team, Erik ten Hag. By the hits of Frank Korpershoek, Benaissa Benamar, and He Kharchouch’s Telstar, however, is never far away, and it continues up to the last minute is exciting, but it means Ajax and, ultimately, balance.Willem II-Sparta Rotterdam · 22 minutes ago –31′ a GOAL for Willem II!!! 3-0

The people of tilburg, seem, after a half-an-hour, certainly by the next round. Che Nunnely shoot, coldly, touch, after a lovely steekballetje Mike Tréson Ndayishimiye. The race does not seem to be interested in a follow-up in the cup.Telstar-Ajax amsterdam · 25 minutes ago89′ GOAL is Telstar! 3-4

It is a hot day in the engine room. Just when the Ajax two times in the second one, it makes Reda Kharchouch the aansluitingstreffer. The striker escaped the offside trap and draw the attention of Joel Veltman, more than just Andre Onana in and out of the ball into the far corner.Willem II-Sparta Rotterdam · 27 minutes ago –24′ GOAL for Willem II!!! 2-0

Willem II are going to continue blithely on in your own home. Mike’s Association Ndayishimiye put Vangelis Pavlidis for the purpose. The efforts of the Greek striker will be reversed, and the Belgian midfielder in the rebound-but it does.Telstar-Ajax amsterdam · 28 minutes ago

Goalscorers Jurgen Ekkelenkamp and Sergiño Dest, fall into each other’s arms. It takes some time, but Ajax are going to win from the Telstar to the next round of the cup.Telstar-Ajax amsterdam · 29 minutes geleden84′ Tadic from the center circle to neil Van der Maaten far from his goal and attempts from long distance. The attempts of the Serb, chasing all the Telstar, and he loves the flesh creep on the back, but the ball flies just over.Willem II-Sparta Rotterdam · 33 minutes ago –20′ GOAL for Willem II!!! 1-0

It’s the only bekerduel between the two first Division teams, tonight, will come to Willem II in the lead. Vangelis Pavlidis is on a roll in the Premier league, and will open his doelpuntenrekening in THE middle. The striker’s shooting, after the truly scrimmage round.Heracles Almelo-FC Dordrecht · 35 minutes ago there are17′ GOAL Heracles Almelo, the netherlands! 1-0

Cyriel Dessers know in the cup, it just has to be found. The (shared) top-scored in the Premier league to open the score for United against FC Dordrecht, with the ball in the far corner.Telstar-Ajax amsterdam · 37 minutes ago

Sergiño Dest provides for a beautiful second goal of the night. In spite of the two goals from the lightning-fast backs, Ajax still have to keep focused, as the Telstar, with a 2 to 4-position is not yet hopeless.THE mug is one from a day ago

There is also the potential for a further five matches in the DUTCH cup:

E-the Green Star
Heracles Almelo-FC Dordrecht
Written A Little-Spakenburg (Nl)
The race Nijkark-STOKE city
Willem II-Sparta RotterdamTelstar, But one hour ago,61′ GOAL is Telstar! 2 to 4

We used to say that Ajax is the match decided? If the Benaissa Benamar is located. The central defender is completely free from a corner kick, and bend easily. Is Ajax afgetroeft in a corner of the Telstar, which it hopes to have a bekerstunt.Telstar-Ajax-four hours ago,58′ GOAL, and Ajax. 1-4

There’s at least the fourth for Ajax, which is a lot easier to play after the rest. Donny van de Beek is Sergiño Dest, that is, the ball is just as good, and then sweeping the cross passes. The American international, his second of the night and decided the game.GVVV RANGE one day ago

Ernest Faber has a few surprises in store for us for the first time as the head coach of PSV eindhoven. Thus, Gáston Pereiro, a move, and after his last week as a spot-on against Liverpool. At the head is Kostas Mitrogou notable is the replacement for the injured Donyell Malen.

Preparation of PSV: Unnerstall; Dumfries, Schwaab, Viergever, Boscagli; Pereiro, Rosario, Ihattaren; Gakpo, Mitroglou, Doan.Telstar-Ajax in one hour geleden50′ Huntelaar away in the fourth on his shoes, but after two pretty kapbewegingen the shank of the striker is too high.Telstar-Ajax-four hours ago,48′ GOAL, and Ajax. 1-3

Ajax brings with it almost immediately after the rest of the margin is back to two. Sven van der Maaten will be an zwabberbal of Dusan Tadic are not under the control of, and then Jurgen Ekkelenkamp did was to put the rebound in to the shoot.Telstar-Ajax-one hour ago

46′ The second half has started at Rabobank IJmond at the Stadium. You can Ajax in the lead, extend, or fight the Telstar is located in the bekerduel?Telstar-Ajax in one hour geledenHet is not yet determined, such as Erik ten Hag has in mind. With a 0 to 2-track, he gives Noah a Long time to its thunder. Curious to see what’s in the Ajax manager in the peace and quiet was going to say the Telstar came back to 1-2.

📢 | Erik ten Hag attracts the bright, the leather at Noah a Long time.
“This is a game, not your game.”
#telaja @AFCAjax @telstar1963nv


AuteurFOX SportsMoment of plaatsen19:13 – december 18, 2019Telstar, But one from an hour ago

Peace of mind! Ajax are looking to stay at the Telstar to the locker room with a narrow lead. The people of Amsterdam come out in the lead by a goal from Noah a Long time, and Sergiño Dest, but Frank Korpershoek just before half-time, the aansluitingstreffer to make. It is not a widely played game in the engine room.Telstar-Ajax-four hours ago,44′ GOAL is Telstar! 1-2

Telstar makes it as the aansluitingstreffer, and is completely out of the blue comes up and he rolled down the window. Captain Frank Korpershoek trumps Noussair Mazraoui after a corner kick and the seconds, hard to remember. The crowd celebrated the goal as if THE trophy already has been received.Telstar-Ajax amsterdam · 2 hours to geleden36′ Dest is looking forward to it after the match. This time, he gets to go over to the left. Are puntertje it is, however, right at the keeper, so no time for a second goal as the player is on Team USA.Telstar-Ajax amsterdam · 2 hours to geledenDe over the past three games was Ajax not to score, but the goal for a Long time, and Dest is against Telstar the Locals in the meantime however, in a doelpuntenrecord to deal with. They are taking themselves on being the most productive of the Dutch team in a calendar year.

⚽ – @AFCAjax (from 0 to 2), it is the first and only Dutch club with 155 goals scored in a calendar year (in all competitions). Ajax was also the last record in the hands of 154 goals in a match in 1993. #TELAJA


AuteurGracenoteNetherlandsMoment of plaatsen19:01 am – december 18, 2019Telstar and Ajax · 2 hours ago –28′ GOAL, and Ajax. 0 to 2

Suddenly, leaves Ajax to display some glimpses of the flowing of the game from earlier this season, and it was the Telstar, once again, to be powerful. Donny van de Beek puts on the dead ball line by a competitor, and found Dusan Tadic is on the verge of sixteen. The Serb may be out, but that’s Sergiño Dest it is better for the state. The chance came up to play, place the ball into the box to feel the road.Telstar-Ajax amsterdam · 2 hours ago –25′ GOAL, and Ajax. From 0 to 1

The first real chance for Ajax, it is also right to remember. As soon as the tempo goes up, you pay that off immediately. Dusan Tadic sends a Donny Brook down over to the right. The midfielder will win his battle power, and maintains the map and provides a tight for. In the second post trumps even Noah a Long time to his direct opponent, making it very easy for the opening goal, may binnentikken.Telstar-Ajax amsterdam · 2 hours ago

18′ in the meantime, the Telstar is easy to position against the Box. The people of Amsterdam have loved the way nothing noteworthy performance, and to allow the team to frequently be in possession of the ball in their half.E-Green Star · 2 hours ago

Also, AZ is not operating at full war strength, but that of the B-team, it may well not be spoken. The superduo Myron still doing it-Calvin Stengs, starts on the bench, but Oussama Idrissi, however, with kick-off at the Green Star in the last lap, surprisingly strong for VVV-Venlo, the netherlands.

Lineup a-Z: Bizot; Svensson, van la parra, Wuytens, Ouwejan: Midtsjø, White, Koopmeiners; Aboukhlal, Druijf, Idrissi airport.Telstar-Ajax amsterdam · 2 hours to geleden12, ” The first and best, on behalf of the people of Amsterdam, it is on for Tadic. A man from Long shoots down to the feet of the Serb, but this is not the full name. Neil Van der Maaten if then, on top of the ball.Telstar-Ajax amsterdam · 2 hours to geleden7′ Telstar is not going to get the bus to the park. As this opening is an indication for the rest of the game, it is going to Ajax, it’s still pretty hard to get it. The home team is to report on a couple of times, for the purpose of Onana and is given by Kharchouch is the most likely. The attacker has more to do with the ball, the Ajax goalkeeper after a corner, but blasts it over.Telstar-Ajax amsterdam · 2 hours ago theKick-off! With the ball in Hand, the bekerduel between the number of eleven, from the Kitchen to the Champion league and is the front-runner in the champion’s League has started.Telstar-Ajax amsterdam · 3 hours ago

At the Hag: ‘it is Mainly sticking plasters’
Ajax coach Erik ten Hag is hoping that his squad following three defeats in a row against Telstar is once again a resounding results. “We have had a tough week and is in a very bad stage. What you get in this situation to do? To drive the heads back in the right direction to get one. We have never had so much time, we quickly move on to the order of the day, and then it is going to look back on in the next game. The problems that we have today we are not going to fix it,” said Ten Hag, who, among others, Hakim Ziyech and Nicolás Tagliafico is missing. “It’s mostly band-aids to paste this at the moment. We still have the players on the field that matches to win.”Telstar-Ajax amsterdam · 3 hours ago

Telstar-trainer Andries Jonker opts against Ajax in a 5-3-2 set-up. In the front they can count on Reda Kharcouch, which lasts twelve times, scored at the Kitchen Champion of a Division and therefore third in the topscorerslijst state.

Preparation Telstar: Van der Maaten; Benamar, Korpershoek, Pattynama, Berenstein, Bronkhorst; McGuane, pink floyd, Najah; Tavsan, Kharchouch.Telstar-Ajax amsterdam · 3 hours geledenAjax, it is in one piece when we arrived in IJmuiden, the netherlands, and it starts to warm up. It Is bekerduel of with Telstar is the ideal drug for the Locals, after a full-blown rampweek?

30 minutes until kick-off! Are you ready? ⏱


AuteurAFC AjaxMoment of plaatsen18:04 pm – december 18, 2019Telstar and Ajax · 3 hours ago

Young Ajax against Telstar
Ajax comes into the bekerduel with the Telstar is definitely not a B-team, but coach Erik ten Hag to opt for a healthy society. Donny van de Beek is being lined up by Jurgen Ekkelenkamp, and Ryan Gravenberch. At 18.30 there will be the potential at the Rabobank IJmond at the Stadium.

Setup Ajax: Onana; Dest, Schuurs, He, Mazraoui, From the river, Ekkelenkamp, Gravenberch; Tadic, Huntelaar, Long time.THE cup · the 4-hour geledenBerry Powel, a former striker of among others, FC Den Bosch, FC Groningen, ADO Den Haag and De Graafschap, plays in tonight’s clash with GVVV at PSV eindhoven. That is, if everyone is on time…

If other people in other places tonight and also this keeps to continue, then we have a serious chance of a lifetime! #gvvpsv #seniorstriker #cupfighters


AuteurBerry PowelMoment of plaatsen16:47 – 18 december 2019KNVB-cup · 5 hours ago

A lawyer will save no players at rotploeg’ Cambuur
We’re going to play tomorrow against SC Cambuur in the DUTCH cup, and the coach, Dick Advocaat is not planning to give players rest. “Of course, we are in a strong placement. This is a very important game for us. We would like to have the cup win. In addition, it is the grand finale of your own home,” said the coach of the city’s inhabitants, who, however, was that the Frisian opposition. “Cambuur is a tough team. We have images, and I think it’s a rotploeg in order to play. With a keen audience, in terms of cause, are similar to our fans out there, but fewer in number.”Fortuna Sittard-PEC Zwolle · 9 hours geledenDe of the players of Fortuna Sittard, the game is clearly being watched by Barcelona.

Are you watching @FCBarcelona? 👀
#SamenNaoVeure #FORPEC #TikiTaka


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