Celien Deloof, to get started on SAVING

Celien Deloof, to get started on SAVING

With the holiday season in the country. It is a time of presents and a great place to get together with family and friends. For the MANAGEMENT of the period of time in order to deal with a lot of eindejaarsprogramma and .. a new face.

Celien Deloof is a gift to the viewer, where a DOCUMENT is like the case in those days.

Celien all right for her debut as she will be together with their MANAGEMENT colleagues to the “Christmas-Top-100” is present, and -about ‘trial by fire’ gesproeken, which is going to be completely live. “I am really looking forward to it and I can’t wait for it to begin with. I just hope that people will flock to watch. With my red cheeks and a modest smile, to get them out of there already free”: laugh Celien.

Marc Hallez – MENT, from the big SCREEN: ‘to be honest with you.. Celien had been on our must-do list. With the new studio, we now have the opportunity to live and quizzes, and a greater talk. Within this context, the smooth-happy Celien is 100%. She’s breathing just of the parliament and of the council area. We are more than happy to have her visit. She makes it to the station a little more smoothly and be more spontaneous.’