TrosKompas Oeuvre of Award-2019 for Gerard Joling

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The TrosKompas Oeuvre of Award-2019 for Gerard Joling. The singer took over on the eve of a 35-year-old showbiz, with the prize on the stage of the sold-out Celebration of the Year. Joling, received the Award from the hands of a 90-year-old mother, Juanita, what is seen is due to the. The music festival of the Year for the third time, take place in the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam on new year’s eve at 23.05 hrs to look at AVROTROS, NPO 3.

The panel of judges at the TrosKompas the Oeuvre Award is AVROTROS-dj Daniël Dekker, Paul Siteur of the Stars and Edger Hamer, editor-in-chief of the TrosKompas. Their juryoordeel reads as follows: “Gerard Joling has been, as the Brits so much to say, ‘larger than life’. With its unique, yet always crystal-clear voice, his manner of performing, which is more than over-the-top and his ever-present humor and self-deprecation, he has a personality, but no one can and wants to. And now he and his talents are brought to the attention of the audience. That is, if solozanger, as one of the greatest, and as the host, vlogger, or as a smart marketingstrateeg. Who does not know his famous sayings: “I have the power not to,’ and ‘to squeal’ that is, he’s in a T-shirt line-up. That is a typical Dutch expression ” Doe maar gewoon, dan doe je al gek limited, go to Gerard Joling’s not. There is nothing for him to be a fool. Thankfully, it is!”. They continue: “in Spite of all the glamour and glitz of the entertainment business, Gerard is always that is down to earth, North-Holland, a boy from the Sway remained the same, that through hard work, the summit has been reached, both in the netherlands and abroad. Joling is in front of his fans, very accessible, always compassionate, and exudes positivity and cheerfulness.”