The flemish film ‘anything else’ is just brilliant

b5d2bd9be585468ca76ed26f6ca03f46 - The flemish film 'anything else' is just brilliant

As of Wednesday, the 18th of december, the Flemish film ‘anything else’ in the room. This movie is the langspeelfilmdebuut by Lars Damoiseaux, and is distributed by Kinepolis Film Distribution (KFD). The leading roles are played by: Maaike Neuville, Bart Hollanders, and Clara Cleymans. There are also the roles of Benjamin Bunny, Tom Audenaert, Annick Christiaens, Joshua Rubin, Taeke Nicolai and Eric Godon.

‘YUMMY’ is from the producers of ‘Black’ and ‘Patser’. Mostly, this feature is included in the old hospital in the town of Maaseik. This is one of those films is, in fact, unprecedented in the region.