Jessica and mama Rita’s off-The-Voice-of Senior sing kerstduet

cf8878e4ca2e9691425736fdc8466674 - Jessica and mama Rita's off-The-Voice-of Senior sing kerstduet

After her participation in The Voice to the Senior, where they won silver, Rita out of The at last one first canal, and then a special Christmas gift by none other than her very own daughter, Jessica, Mackenzie, who is known for her hits in the 90’s, but the show has been very popular in foreign countries, and o for a the U. K, where they are top 10 in scoring with her self-penned track “Dancing in the Dark”. An up-tempo, feel-good song for these cold winter months it would not heat up.
Exceptionally, a mother and daughter, together in 1 song, and have never seen this before in Belgium. Already have A rotation, and a good response from the oh.a RADIO 2 but also on foreign radio stations to find the song that great. Here we can hear even more of it because the girls have so much more in store for you.