The Winterrevue, vintage or trendy?

482a5139f15e2c2bab640cb8713d6c7b - The Winterrevue, vintage or trendy?

If you are thinking of the working class, the first thing that you will probably be on the dry side, and the traditional singalong songs, which are mainly for the older generation to enjoy. With that, nostalgia, thought, and director Stany Crets, undoubtedly, in terms of, again, for the 5th edition of the Winterrevue. The collection of the comedy duo, Luc Caals, and Dirk Van Vooren, was, more than ever, it is a nostalgic revue-the content back to the Elckerlyc Theatre. In addition, Crets to stick to the comic Winterrevue successes of the last few years, such as the Smart Human being, and Ward, & Old. Also, this year, the crowd were really laugh out loud.

But the Crets would Crets will not be, as they are not the two extremes on the stage, not afraid to bring up. As opposed to a couple with a particular, Helle Vanderheyden, Laurenz Hoorelbeke & Ann Van Den Broeck, and a wide range of fashionable songs, for the audience. All of the successes of 2019 will pass, literally, in the revue: How to dance, Arcade, and a Shallow lift with the review of a modern, vocally, and visually, a very high level. Combine that with the tight choreography of Laurent in long island, performed by a talented ensemble, under the direction of the penalty, the orchestra of Eric Melaerts, in a fantastic outfit, on a stage filled with stunning visual effects and the action is there.