Lynn Wesenbeek: “I was a mother’s boy”

5162245add9f6632def4538fbcd08a2a - Lynn Wesenbeek: "I was a mother's boy"

In the latest episode of house Tuesday night to receive the Eric Goens former Miss Belgium, tv personality, nieuwsanker and policy, and Lynn Wesenbeek.

If the Back of the house and walks in, her attention is immediately drawn to the photo wall. There is also a picture of her mother, who she has never seen before. As you see, Lynn, twenty, was, died, and her mother. She had been ill, and when Lynn was still a teenager. After school he was Back to himself beredderen. but at Night, she would sit at the kitchen table, staring at the men who came home from the other side. While you are waiting on anything. A big sister was coming to town, but father was the artist on the road. “I was a mother’s boy, and I miss my father.”

In 1987, Lynn and Miss Belgium. The overall preference for a girl is the leading lady of the newly-established commercial broadcaster VTM. In her career, Lynn tried, that image is going to have to tear it out. “It’s a lot too much for me to continue to occur.” They are aimed at the more serious reportagewerk and nieuwsanker.
After more than two decades, vanished Back when nieuwsanker of the screen. It has never been a lot about saying goodbye tonight. However, it is clear that Lynn’s nipples this time, her heart will be airing. There are a lot of people who have their jobs to lose, but when Lynn was done so publicly. “You have to have a lot of shame. The shame is inside of you.”

After more than 25 years in the making, had one of her friends, something else has to be found. Withdrawal from the public eye. “In the end, it’s just what I brought forth. That took a while.” If vijftigplusser, it is not self-evident, but it is a vijftigplusser with a well-known name, which makes it quite difficult. “It is a perception. People think that it is even used to be a family and be around them.”