Louis Flion is dreaming out loud about the future

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It’s the year 2019 and will close soon, the doors, Louis Flion (21) may be able to look back on a great year. He launched his first party, the songs, and the youth with a loud voice meebrult, and is currently working on a new feesthit, and talk out loud about dreams for the future.

Short shorts, socks with his own face on it and everyone in it will invariably be greeted with the words ‘bless me’… and It seems that Louis Flion, step by step to make his mark in the showbizzland off. The most youngest of the party, a phenomenon that can also look back on a good year and he felt, and the better feestpubliek thought he was. At the beginning of march, he launched his first solid hit ‘Up * To Device’. In a few short months, I grew the song into a sing-along of the students. Its follow-up ‘is Filled With Alcohol, the ” at this time, each of the after-skifeest to a higher plane.

“At the beginning of this year, we were overwhelmed by the new air in, and I was surrounded by a new, young team. The sapperdikke a penalty to guests who all have their degree Flionologie achieved. They’re just like me, but one of the corporate purpose, and that it was in Flanders at the party with educational and responsible-party-songs”, says a hard-nosed Louis.