‘Karma’ and ‘yeet’ have been elected to the Kinderwoord and Tienerwoord of the year

a683b0da02e8e6cd96840aa3030bb16a - 'Karma' and 'yeet' have been elected to the Kinderwoord and Tienerwoord of the year

Karma is the Kinderwoord by the Year 2019 has to be the most special and the most popular, in a word, the preferred word for the Flemish children, in the last year. These were the Ketnetters like to know Karrewiet. The Tienerwoord of the year 2019 at the latest, was just published in the instagramkanaal of the nws.the official.the official, the news channel for the young people of the VRT is the OFFICIAL. The teens of today, have opted to yeet as one of the most popular word in 2019.

Karma is the kinderwoord by 2019 at the latest now. With 46.4% of the vote, a convincing winner, followed by a bruh with a 23,07% share of the votes, scrunchie, with 15,42%, sksksk, with 12,53%, and tingles it with 2,58% of the vote. Karma means: what we do, think, say, and eventually ends up back with us in return.

Ruud Hendrickx, language adviser as opposed VRT: To me, karma was a surprise winner, because in the end, it’s all about a concept from buddhism and hinduism. In the English-speaking world, the concept is already familiar in the language, and now it is the lievelingswoord of a young Flemish children. This shows once again that the influence of the English language, the informal language of children and young people is very high.

The word was used by the Ketnetters selected from a shortlist of five words. The other four are nominated, the words mean:
• Tingles: tingles
• Bruh: ‘visitor’ or a ‘dude’
• Sksksk: press and laugh at, both the positive and the irony of the ‘FUN of it’).
• Scrunchie: a very colourful piece of elastic in the fabric for the hair, but a lot of girls wearing them around the arm.