Festive kookinspiratie by Jeroen Meus

6bcde33e68101573cd8bd65f00d3d6bf - Festive kookinspiratie by Jeroen Meus

Jeroen Meus is offered for the start of the christmas holidays, though, for the delicious inspiration and for the christmas dinner. On Monday the 16th to Friday the 20th of december it is national christmas menu to look at Everyday. What’s on the menu?

  • On Monday 16/12, Jeroen makes a three delicious hors d’oeuvres to be allowed to rest on christmas eve: oysters with pancetta, rich game paté made with ginger and quince and a mushroom-cheese croquettes with parsley;
  • Tuesday 17/12: an easy, yet fabulous appetizer that will be enjoyed by young and old alike: tartar of salmon with avocado, apple and cucumber;
  • Wednesday 18/12: warm fish salad, with a creamy sauce made with hand-peeled shrimps have been the topingrediënten for christmas in the style and to continue to do so. Jeroen makes a brandade of cod with spinach, wittewijnsaus, and shrimp;
  • Thursday 19/12: for a main dish that many people will have desires; hertengebraad with mushroom sauce, red cabbage, apple, knolseldermash and crispy fried aardappelwafeltjes.
  • On Friday 20/12, making it the ideal dessert for the christmas meal that is too close to a snow-white kerstbûche with citroencrème, and coconut milk.