The woman, Lieven Scheire have enough of it

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“Let it gooo, let it gooo!” Well, at the VTM’s on Monday, the 16th of december? No, no, not really. However, How Should I Say This?, where Frozen stars Anna, Elsa, and Olaf, the four-year-old christmas tree, Well, a fan at heart, its demons and monsters down to try to help.

You see, the wife of Lieven Scheire, after all these years, still in love with him. “He was a wonderful man, and we’ve got a case of a fairly serious online shopverslaving regard to nerdy gadgets. On a good week, already have 12 packages of which disappear in a geeky nerdy gadget museum”. She turns to Jens Dendoncker to The fact that the deliverer will feel a little less hours on their front door, may be wrong.

Kim drinks her coffee as simply as possible. But, that doesn’t love her Fiction is included. That is, take his coffee, and sometimes a little too seriously. Kim: “Henry is obsessed with his coffee, and beans, with the best of them all. If I happen to get another bag with me, it’s a game. And he knows that there is not a lot of it, and he pretends to be.” Even Kim’s Coffee-set was small, and could not move. Rick thinks he’s been invited to a super exclusive coffee tasting, but nothing could be further from the truth. Secretly, he is ‘just’ a Senseo coffee (for me). And a special drink…