Sven de Leijer makes for Peace on earth

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Peace on earth has returned. For the third year in a row, should be the Job of the Leijer to his studio and fill it with christmas cheer. The tree is decorated, the presents are… But most of all: the Job, as is usual in a year of far too much television. And that is the spoil, he wants to be, but happy to share. Peace on earth, is looking to return in 2019 at the latest, however, on the Front of the Leijer-wise, playful, with a twinkle in her eye, a little naughty, but brimming with the warmth of the holiday season.
Over the years, was on the Job at the big moments, at the start of the Tour de France, on the 26th of may, election day, he rode with Johan Vande Lanotte, who then established a meeting with mr Didier Reynders, and the Job felt like, in march, all of the politicians on the scene in relation to the forces, who after the election would make. Thomas Huyghe, but the images gathered for Peace on the planet. He set his sights on the most important themes in 2019: the Brexit, the Mobiscore the klimaatmarsen, the coalition formation process in…
In the studio and on earth Peace to come, each with three guests, who, along with Sven, the year of the smile-on-year, the shopping area of the year, and a toast to the year… after all, It’s christmas after all. Peace on earth for everyone.
The Peace on earth award by the professional jury
There is no Peace on earth, Peace on earth awards. Well, that is about a lovely christmas tradition has become. Sven would like to awards of the most important people and events of the year quiz of the year, which means by the year, and team, heart-warming, action, sound, stunt, wielerprestatie… in order To make the decision with full knowledge of the facts and a different kind of wisdom to take in, called Albert, again, eight members of the jury in a chalet in the Ardennes.
A jury, who are ‘ jack of all trades is: comedian Wouter Deprez, a TV and a radiomaakster Siska Schoeters, professor Hendrik Vos, zeilster Evi Van Acker, singer, and celebrity Margaret Herman, the sports anchor, Maarten Vangramberen, singer, and MIA’s nominee, Charlotte Adigéry, and, of course, is the president of presidents, Jan Peumans. In addition, took on the Job as well, Wim Lybaert, for the good life catering, and a warm atmosphere.
Peace on earth: starting from the 22nd of december, from Sunday to Thursday at around 20.35, or 21: 30 (depending on the date) One.