AZ and Ajax have to score for peace and quiet in Alkmaar

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AZ and Ajax have to score for peace and quiet in Alkmaar

December 15, 2019 at 12:00 am
15-12-19 at 12:00 am
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In the seventeenth round of the Premier league goes Sunday, with the last four games. FC Emmen recorded against Sparta Rotterdam is the fifth victory of the season (2-0) and then we’re going to be home to the winner of the PSV eindhoven won 3-1). Leader Ajax and number two, AZ to 16.45 o’clock began in the city of Alkmaar, while at the same time, the potential at Heracles Almelo and FC Utrecht. Follow our liveblog.

Good afternoon and welcome to Premier-league-liveblog at My name is Patrick, and Mother, and I will keep you up to date on the developments at the club it is today. A lot of fun!!!

  • LIVE:
  • AZ-Ajax 0-0
  • Heracles-Utrecht 1-0
  • Results:
  • FC Emmen-Sparta 2-0
  • Feyenoord-PSV 3-1

AZ-Ajax · * * * a couple of seconds, geleden49 Box, get the ball, and this is a great opportunity for Stengs. The champions won’t get to his feet, but falls apart.Heracles-FC Utrecht · * * * a couple of seconds, geleden46′ Heracles-Utrecht, the netherlands will be continued with a 1-0-outcome.Heracles-FC Utrecht · 2 hours ago

Mauro Júnior is a six-thuisduels on six goals concerned with four goals and two assists). Today, he is the assist to the 1-0 keys on Kiomourtzoglou.AZ and Ajax · 4 hours agoa 46′ We’re playing football in Alkmaar! A-Z, But it is still 0-0…AZ-Ajax · 10 hours ago

What the coach makes a tactical adjustment, to find the opening goal?Heracles-FC Utrecht · 16 hours ago

The rest is in Almelo, the netherlands. United lead thanks to a goal from Kiomourtzoglou 1-0 at FC Utrecht.AZ-Ajax · 20 minutes ago andIt’s peace of mind! No goals in the first, though it had still doing it, and especially in the valley, there is a good chance for you. A-Z, But it is still 0-0!AZ and Ajax · is a 22-minute geleden44′ a-Z constitutes in any danger from a corner, but no one on the team knows the ball is in the goal to get to.AZ-Ajax · 23-geleden43 ” it’s a great opportunity for Ajax, just for peace of mind. By Álvarez, and Huntelaar will get the ball to the Other, but the midfielder shoots the ball into the box with a placed shot from seven metres next to the goal.Heracles-FC Utrecht · 24 minutes ago isa 40 GOAL Heracles Almelo, the netherlands! 1-0

Heracles picks up just before half-time with the lead in Almelo, the netherlands. Kiomourtzoglou is completely free, and you shoot from a distance of ten controlled and touch.AZ and Ajax · a 26-minute geleden40′ for a further five minutes until the break, in the Netherlands. Will there be more goals or great opportunities?AZ and Ajax · is a 28-minute geleden38 ” Now, sprint’s still doing it (in the form of Edson Álvarez) is an following his departure to chelsea, but the striker shoots from a difficult angle on the left is in the zijnet.Heracles-FC Utrecht · 29 minutes geleden34′ Dessers seems to be the score, but Hoogma retrieves the ball from the line. It’s a small miracle that it’s still 0-0 in the Stadium Exists for Asito.AZ and Ajax · a 29-minute geleden36′ Ziyech tries to be the more than one feet, or up to 25. It’s not a bad effort, but the ball is still out of the reach of goalkeeper Marco Bizot in addition to the target.AZ-Ajax · 31 minutes and geleden35: “Both clubs are successful for a while, not to be threatening for the purpose of the game is to come. Ten minutes for the rest…of the AZ-Ajax · 35 minutes ago

We have a half an hour was played in Alkmaar, the netherlands. The ball is in the possession of Ajax, but AZ has a very good for each other, and even risk control. Still, no goals and no cards in this game.AZ-Ajax · 39 minutes geleden27′ Ajax-with more on the lookout for this opportunity, but it is to be noted that, at the front there are a number of do not are present. It’s running all on auto-pilot with the Locals.Heracles-FC Utrecht · 43 minutes geleden20 not Even a minute after the opportunity for the Janssen Dessers are dangerous. As the attacker pulls very hard, but Paes on alert to respond to.Heracles-FC Utrecht · 44 minutes geleden19 ” The game of golf, up and down, and now it’s back to Utrecht that is dangerous. Gustafson explains in a free-kick is perfect, ready for Doe, which is just next to the headline.AZ and Ajax · a 44-minute geleden22′ – Z late in the game to Ajax, but that is life-threatening in the transition, even if the Alkmaarders goalkeeper Onana has not really been able to test.Heracles-FC Utrecht · the one-hour geleden17 And also United them. Mauro Júnior travels to, within, and out of it, but his efforts will go in front of.Heracles-FC Utrecht · the one-hour geleden16 The opportunity to allow the people of Utrecht, the netherlands. Bahebeck is curled in a shot distance from the left to the outside of the post.AZ-Ajax was one hour geleden18 Again escaped still doing it at the end of the board year, but this time the repair perret neighbour Schuurs, the loss of a great (standing) is back in the action.AZ-Ajax was one hour geleden16′ a-Z shouts out in a penalty shootout after the alleged hands of the Noussair Mazraoui, however, the arbitration has not answered, and so we’re going to continue this.In AZ, But · – one hour ago

With the advent of the day, it is, in any case, it is not.AZ-Ajax was one hour geleden12 Box and has the ball in the opening stages, but it is really dangerous, and the Locals have not yet visited. A-Z has been a couple of times threatening in the game, but it’s still 0-0.AZ-Ajax was one hour geleden8′ Hakim Ziyech gets angry after a violation of A Wijndal. Following his departure to chelsea takes the story in the e-match and this is what is pushing and pulling on it. Any cards beyond.AZ-Ajax was one hour geleden7 After losing the ball from Razvan Marin is Myron still doing it, found it in the game. E-the mirror can Onana, however, the attacker is constrained by Lisandro Martinez and shoot all this in addition to.AZ-Ajax was one hour geleden6′ a-Z register now for the first time. The first is a cross from Jonas Svensson eliminated, and then picks up a keeper André Onana to a header by Calvin Stengs.AZ-Ajax was one hour geleden3 Again, we need to Veltman’s called, but this time in a striking point of view. The right back from Ajax, is given to one in favour of Klaas-Jan Huntelaar in on goal to shoot, but the defender hits it, it zijnet.Heracles-FC Utrecht · the one-hour geleden1 After a moment of silence was held for deceased former member of the board of the United by Jan van Brenk, the race is going to start. Heracles-FC Utrecht is on the move.AZ-Ajax was one hour geleden2, ” The duel begins with the two minor violations on Joël Veltman. Ajax is in the top of the ball and looks for the attack, while the a-Z of the Locals on their way to afjagen.AZ-Ajax was one hour ago,1′ get The ball rolling in Alkmaar! AZ-Ajax is started. The battle for the lead in the Premier league breaks loose.Premier league one day ago

We’re going to penetrate, thanks to the victory against PSV eindhoven in the top five in the League in. In the End, can still be surpassed by FC Utrecht and Heracles Almelo, who’ll have to play against each other.

  1. Ajax 16-41 (52-14)
  2. A-Z 16-38 (38-8)
  3. William II, 17-32 (27-22)
  4. PSV 17-31 (38-22)
  5. We’re going to 17-28 (30-26)
  6. Heerenveen, the netherlands 17-27 (28-21)
  7. Short 17-27 (29-24)
  8. FC Utrecht 16-26 (29-22)
  9. United 16-25 (29-22)

AZ-Ajax was one hour agoand The players are on the field, in Alkmaar! It’s almost time for the a-Z But…Z, But one hour geledenNog for a good ten minutes until kick-off in Amsterdam. Is a-Z in addition to Ajax amsterdam or Ajax away from the competition?We’re going to RANGE one hour ago

“Both teams had good phases, but we have to score at the right times,” says Team leader Steven Berghuis, who has a hat-trick was against FOX Sports. “With the determination we have to make a difference, such as in the 1-0. That is, it is the eagerness with which you have to score goals to make up. I have talked with Robin van Persie, you have to be in the target area to come. It is a lesson to take my time with you.”Feyenoord-PSV · one-hour geledenVeelzeggende numbers: PSV already has more points (20) will be lost in the whole of last season on the other (19).

20 – MANU have dropped more points in this Premier league season after 17 games (20) than in the entire previous season after 34 matches (19). Dim.


AuteurOptaJohanMoment of plaatsen16:26 pm – 15 december, 2019Feyenoord RANGE one day ago

“We’ll have plenty of opportunities, but the goal is, we are not very clear”, said PSV captain, and Denzel Dumfries at FOX Sports after the Feyenoord-PSV (3-1). “The second penalty of the Season, I think that’s just ridiculous. Nick Viergever don’t do it on purpose with his arm. We have had the opportunity, but we need to better defend its rights in the tegendoelpunten. Now, we have to give everything up for the winter.”AZ-Ajax was one hour geledenWie to win is to become the top match between AZ and Ajax?

  • A-Z
  • Ajax
  • None of these, it will be a draw

We’re going to RANGE one hour ago

Mountain house presents Wigan with a hat-trick to win in the top match against PSV eindhoven
Steven Berghuis will help the Team with a hat-trick in a 3-1 win at PSV eindhoven. The attacker has to open in the first half, with the score and another for the rest of a free kick and 2-0 from the. After the break, used mountain house as a penalty, which substitute Gastón Pereiro in the final standings at 3-1 sets.AZ and Ajax · 2 hours ago

It has to be something, some open-air theatre. Now to hope that it will stay dry… #azaja


AuteurBart of DooijeweertMoment of plaatsen16:19 – december 15, 2019Heracles-FC Utrecht · 2 hours ago

Top scorer Dessers are up against a previous employer
In addition to the land in Alkmaar-starting at 16.45 hrs in a game in the Premier league: United will receive in Almelo and FC Utrecht. It is, in a very duel for the champion’s League-leading scorer Cyriel Dessers, who last season was under contract with FC Utrecht, the netherlands.

Drawing-Heracles Almelo:
Blaswich; Even if, Pröpper, Knoester, Czyborra; Kiomourtzoglou, angela Merkel, Osman; Van der Water, Dessers, It’s Junior.

Preparation of FC Utrecht:
Paes, Van der Maarel, Hoogma, Janssen a, Klaiber; Ramselaar, Van Overeem, Maher, Gustafson; Bahebeck, the Church.Feyenoord-PSV · 2-hour geleden90+1′ BACKLINE will have four additional minutes in order to two times to score a goal.Feyenoord-PSV · 2-hour geleden90′ Toornstra is dangerous, and can teenlengte following is a real oasis away. The 4-1 is still out.Feyenoord-PSV · 2-hour geleden87′ Has a PSV and a new sense of hope after the pattern of Pereiro? The Locals are forcing the Team to return, and lie in wait for the aansluitingstreffer. The final assault seems to be too late, because for about two minutes, he would already be in there.Feyenoord-PSV · 2 hours ago –84′ GOAL in PSV’s! 3-1

PSV will buy it, as yet, very little, but the most beautiful goal of the afternoon for the visitors. As Pereiro throws the ball in a phenomenal way, Vermeer, and figure 3-1 of this.Feyenoord-PSV · 2 hours ago

The last time Kenneth Vermeer’s the zero, held at a club in the traditional top three, and it was on the 25th of January, 2015 on behalf of the Club against Ajax (0-0).Feyenoord-PSV · 2-hour geleden80′ is a real oasis similar to the 4-0 record, but his efforts will roll against the outer surface of the pole.Back to top

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