A-Z in two points ahead at the forefront, Ajax

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A-Z in two points ahead at the forefront, Ajax

December 15, 2019 at 12:00 am
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In the seventeenth round of the Premier league goes Sunday, with the last four games. FC Emmen recorded against Sparta Rotterdam is the fifth victory of the season (2-0) and then we’re going to be home to the winner of the PSV eindhoven won 3-1). Leader Ajax and number two, AZ to 16.45 o’clock began in the city of Alkmaar, while at the same time, the potential at Heracles Almelo and FC Utrecht. Follow our liveblog.

Good afternoon and welcome to Premier-league-liveblog at My name is Patrick, and Mother, and I will keep you up to date on the developments at the club it is today. A lot of fun!!!

  • LIVE:
  • AZ-Ajax 0-0
  • Heracles-Utrecht, The Netherlands 1-2
  • Results:
  • FC Emmen-Sparta 2-0
  • Feyenoord-PSV 3-1

A-Z, But one minute geleden90+3′ is A Tagliafico get a good header, but it is the commitment of the Former is next to it.AZ and Ajax · 2-minute geleden90+2′ Ajax calls to the hunt is on for the second half, but for the time being, it’s a party in Alkmaar, the netherlands. AZ is leading with 1-0.AZ and Ajax · 3-minute geleden90 ” There will be three more minutes to a trip.AZ and Ajax · 4 mins ago –a 90′ GOAL in AZ! 1-0

There is, however, the gap for the a-Z! Still doing it, that is, not the first, seconds, touch off of a corner kick.AZ-Ajax · 5 minutes to geleden89, ” The ball is out of this world and so it goes with the game. For the time being, nothing has happened to the alleged handsbal.AZ and Ajax · a 6-minute geleden88 Was that in the hands of an a-Z manner. There is nothing to be done, but you may have to go to the VAR and have a look. With Ajax, they are getting angry.AZ and Ajax · a 7-minute geleden87 ” A bet on Huntelaar will still be blocked. Ajax is getting a big…by AZ and Ajax · an 8-minute geleden86 Yellow to Idrissi, who is From the Stream to ground will work. There was a bit of room for the Box.AZ and Ajax · is a 9-minute geleden85′ Onana is out of his goal and Stengs throws the ball over the goalkeeper, but Veltman prevent that, still doing it with the 1-0 keys can be binnenkoppen.AZ-Ajax · 10 hours ago

This was one of the best opportunities today, but Huntelaar was not at the ball. There is a great chance for AZ or Ajax?AZ and Ajax · an 11-minute drive geleden83 The first conversion of this game: Nicolas Tagliafico is coming to Ajax for a Casino.AZ and Ajax · an 11-minute drive geleden83′ Good chance for AZ in the lead. A corner from Fredrik Midtsjø is sharp, but everyone else missed it.Heracles-FC Utrecht · 12 minutes geleden80′ Pröpper gets out, and it seems that the 2-2 record, but Adam Maher is in the right position to hit the ball on the line to pick it up. Utrecht’s reserves in the lead.AZ and Ajax · is a 15-minute geleden80 Yellow for Rajiv van la parra following a tough work on Huntelaar.AZ and Ajax · is a 15-minute geleden79 ” It’s certainly not the game, still doing it. The peak is in depth and was found, after a slip by Martinez, but the E-topschutter of tripping over them on the way to the Onana, and, therefore, the chances of the road.AZ and Ajax · is a 17-minute geleden77 Box, which dominates currently, however, firm in the Netherlands. Schuurs out of the bar 25. Bizot has a lot of trouble, but in return it’s a hard shot, though.AZ and Ajax · an 18-minute geleden76′ The people of Alkmaar is on. Oussama Idrissi swings on the ball, but no one from AZ at the ball.AZ-Ajax · 19 hours geleden75 Now it’s Wijndal the victim, but it is still a surgery, on Veltman, who, according to the book.Feyenoord-PSV · 20 hours ago

A lawyer pride ourselves on the work we’re going to
Dick Advocaat has been very content with the way in which the players of the Club on Sunday the top match against PSV (3-1) tie. “The boys have all worked extremely hard against a team that will talk a little more than we do. The game could be better, and we know that, but this win makes me very happy,” said the Lawyer, in interview with FOX Sports.”As you can see, what the guys have been working this week, then you can get them, I have nothing but compliments to give. The game will be better and better.”Heracles-FC Utrecht · 22 minutes ago inthe 70′ GOAL for FC Utrecht! 1-2

With a little luck, ends up with the ball and in the Church, which is the twist of the 1-2 record. Utrecht takes the lead in Almelo, the netherlands.AZ and Ajax · is a 22-minute geleden72′ Tadic’s feet are killing him after the first glance is unfortunate, but a harsh intervention of A Wijndal.AZ-Ajax · 24 minutes ago

Twenty minutes left on the clock in the Vicinity. It’s not easy to match. Anyone who breaks the ban?AZ and Ajax · a 26-minute geleden69′ will get Ziyech yellow for a violation of Svensson. This is not the first transgression by following his departure to chelsea today.AZ-Ajax · 27 minutes and geleden67 Box hit the post, but it has been sidelined by Álvarez. The Mexican hit the post with a free-kick from Ziyech.AZ and Ajax · a 32-minute geleden61′ Bizot shows only a screen shot of Ziyech in is down, but it’s easy and has now the answers. Ajax calls a bit more to it, but it’s still 0-0.Heracles-FC Utrecht · the 34-minute geleden56′ Mauro Júnior was more likely to be in this game already, one assist and now finds himself, the post from a free-kick. United is chasing soon after the 1-to-1 on a new lead.AZ and Ajax · a 35-minute geleden59, ” It took me a little while, but the first one is a fact of life. It is yellow in color for Svensson, and after a strong tackle on Huntelaar.Heracles-FC Utrecht · 36 minutes ago

Bart Ramselaar has scored in each of its first three Premier league duels this season, but has scored since in a two-Premier-league-matches in a row. Last week, he made the decisive 0-1 against FC Groningen in the netherlands.AZ-Ajax · 37 minutes geleden58′ Bizot, let a man Ziyech on its own, and it’s easy from a-Z will restore it even before Huntelaar to shoot.AZ and Ajax · a 38-minute geleden57, ” The game seems to be a lot in the first half, after a strong start to the right. Ajax can have the ball, but it has a lot of trouble to set up a good attack to come out.Heracles-FC Utrecht · 40 minutes ago –52′ GOAL for FC Utrecht! 1-to-1

Ramselaar! The arsenal are running themselves, and in hot pursuit of the 1-to-1 against the ropes). It is the same in Almelo, the netherlands.AZ and Ajax · a 44-minute geleden50′ a-Z will begin after peace is strong, and has been from time to time in its sixteen year. There will also be a real opportunity?AZ-Ajax was one hour geleden49 Box, get the ball, and this is a great opportunity for Stengs. The champions won’t get to his feet, but falls apart.Heracles-FC Utrecht · the one-hour geleden46′ Heracles-Utrecht, the netherlands will be continued with a 1-0-outcome.Heracles-FC Utrecht, one from an hour ago

Mauro Júnior is a six-thuisduels on six goals concerned with four goals and two assists). Today, he is the assist to the 1-0 keys on Kiomourtzoglou.AZ-Ajax was one hour ago,46, ” We play football in Alkmaar! A-Z, But it is still 0-0…in AZ, But · – one hour ago

What the coach makes a tactical adjustment, to find the opening goal?Heracles-FC Utrecht, one from an hour ago

The rest is in Almelo, the netherlands. United lead thanks to a goal from Kiomourtzoglou 1-0 at FC Utrecht.A-Z, But one hour agoIt was at rest at last. No goals in the first, though it had still doing it, and especially in the valley, there is a good chance for you. A-Z, But it is still 0-0!AZ-Ajax was one hour geleden44′ a-Z constitutes in any danger from a corner, but no one on the team knows the ball is in the goal to get to.AZ-Ajax was one hour geleden43 ” it’s a great opportunity for Ajax, just for peace of mind. By Álvarez, and Huntelaar will get the ball to the Other, but the midfielder shoots the ball into the box with a placed shot from seven metres next to the goal.Heracles-FC Utrecht-four hours ago,a 40 GOAL Heracles Almelo, the netherlands! 1-0

Heracles picks up just before half-time with the lead in Almelo, the netherlands. Kiomourtzoglou is completely free, and you shoot from a distance of ten controlled and touch.AZ-Ajax was one hour geleden40′ for a further five minutes until the break, in the Netherlands. Will there be more goals or great opportunities?AZ-Ajax was one hour geleden38 ” Now, sprint’s still doing it (in the form of Edson Álvarez) is an following his departure to chelsea, but the striker shoots from a difficult angle on the left is in the zijnet.Heracles-FC Utrecht · the one-hour geleden34′ Dessers seems to be the score, but Hoogma retrieves the ball from the line. It’s a small miracle that it’s still 0-0 in the Stadium Exists for Asito.AZ-Ajax was one hour geleden36′ Ziyech tries to be the more than one feet, or up to 25. It’s not a bad effort, but the ball is still out of the reach of goalkeeper Marco Bizot in addition to the target.AZ-Ajax was one hour geleden35: “Both clubs are successful for a while, not to be threatening for the purpose of the game is to come. Ten minutes to the rest. in AZ, But · – one hour ago

We have a half an hour was played in Alkmaar, the netherlands. The ball is in the possession of Ajax, but AZ has a very good for each other, and even risk control. Still, no goals and no cards in this game.AZ-Ajax was one hour geleden27′ Ajax-with more on the lookout for this opportunity, but it is to be noted that, at the front there are a number of do not are present. It’s running all on auto-pilot with the Locals.Back to top

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