Yoeri in The Voice, launches the second edition of

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After the successful release of his debut single “No one on the road’ at the beginning of the week surprised by Yoeri Mellaerts as well with his second song, “Little Man”. “Little man,” a song closely related to Yoeri’s heart, and it was written by him, for as it turns out, death of 5-year-old kankerpatientje Kenric.

“Dear friends , I know that it is the party coming our way, and it can be a time of joy. Unfortunately, this is often a period of time where, for many people, loneliness and the loss of the loved ones involved are going to” respond to The. This is a new song, don’t just respond to Joerie. “Young man, go on with the fight, Kenric, is a small, strong man, who, at the age of 5, eventually, in the fight against cancer and lost. But it is not without a message. Kenric and his family have been a leader for many of us. Along with the Fighters Against Cancer, help people who are faced with this struggle .No one should ever have to experience that… ” responded The beyond.