Helmut Lotti has reflux

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Helmut Lotti will start soon on a new tour, and before that he was all the way inside-out return. The singer wants to be in peak physical condition, to his music to start. “I’ve already got 8 hours of singing followed , and went to the stemosteopaat and to have my vocal cords checked,” he said of the singer, on Saturday morning of the program, Kim Debrie on Radio 2.

“I’ve found out that I would have probably been a very long time have a concealed reflux . But I am, and that’s the worst thing on a diet. I am a natuurdokter went and had some tests done. My food intolerances are, I may not have tomatoes to eat, no cows milk, no yeast, and no beer or red wine, and not just any bread,” says Helmut. The lead singer needs to be a lifestyle so pursuant to adapt. “You know, I have no problems,” says Helmut, the host, feel free.