What’s wrong with being The Smartest Person In the World.

What's wrong with being The Smartest Person In the World.

However, to do this, be very, very, very few monsterscores in season 17 of, “The Smartest Man In the World”. Bart is Dutch, Mathieu Terryn, and Philippe Geubels did it Thursday night to make it just 716 to collect it. Especially during finals week is, it’s come to our attention that there are a few seconds to be collected. The questions are as hard or are the candidates this year are really low? Not a single candidate has managed to get it Thursday night for more than 300 seconds to collect it. Member of the jury Jérôme made it twice in four days, we have to remark that it is to note that the finaleweken was in progress. But of the scores is clearly not the case, playing with the nerves of the candidates ‘ issue?

Philippe Geubels won on Thursday evening, the second episode, during finals week, and will play on Monday, along with Mathieu Terryn against the newcomer in Their Vanwezemael. Hopefully it rises to the level of the candidates, with the advent of the Modern. One certainty is there of bags is less than still do it, though….