Is Silvia Claes is back in the House?”

Is Silvia Claes is back in the House?"

In the facebook group, the Family Characters, we came up with a striking message against it. The rumor would be for the circular to assume that Silvia Claes returned to the Family, bear in mind that we have also cared to have it. It could be that the makers of the Family, after the incident, Silvia Claes, with the hands in her hair, sat as they were going to get Trudy out of Dubai and go back to them.

We put our ears to listen to the VTM and to the makers of the Family. Since they deny emphatically the report that there is no plan to get Trudy to come out. Of course, close to the makers of a Family that’s never going to happen, but it is certainly not in the next few months. “At the moment we are writing the story for the season finale, so who knows what will going to happen, what it sounds like.