In the Reed invites everyone in the Ols

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As every year, In the Cane this year, ” The Hottest Day Of the Olen’. The event is this Sunday, on the village of Olen, near Lille. There may be somewhere between 12: 30 p.m., and a 24-hour performances by, among others, Dj Hanz, The Nootoplossing, Green Onions, Strip Light, Laston & Geo, and Linde Merckpoel & James. In a heated tent on the historic town square, the entrance fee is, in fact, entirely for free, collected In the Of the Reed to raise funds for the the MS-Liga Vlaanderen, Children in Need, Nepal, and Olivia. Those who believe In the only name of the event, has, connect, think again. Every year, we will see In the help with the build-up and breakdown of the event.
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