Dez Mona to close the tour off in the city !

963fc0a5190f5a9081ce9033b5f833b7 - Dez Mona to close the tour off in the city !

The Studio is in Antwerp, it is anything but holy, but it would be fun. No better start to the Christmas holidays, a reception, a concert, and This Her that you are delighted with, and one X-Mas and After party. Hallelujah !

Dez Mona, the band around singer Gregory frateur, the phenomenal is back with their latest full-length album, “Book Far”, which is characterized by the sweeping ballads, hypnotic journeys, and tranquil story. A Single How the Beautiful, award-winning video, and was for weeks on the playlist of Radio 1. The comprehensive, accompanying the tour of the clubs, theatres, festivals (e.m. Sicily, Midsummer, a drop of chicken stock, Boomtown, OLT, Botanical, 4AD, Casino…), confirmed that the band’s unique sound-time and time again to be a very sensitive, emotional and the string is touching in that they are present much as of late.

“In the Book of Many and the release concert is This Her passionate and moving out of the corner…frateur, the phenomenal giant is so delighted with the stage that you just believe that he is on the spot, as a kind of angel, heaven and is expected to rise…Go and have a look, is the message.” Focus Knack