Also, Faith No More at Rock Werchter 2020

5700ac48a7190930e9ac785b3a994e9a - Also, Faith No More at Rock Werchter 2020

New to the Rock Werchter festival By 2020: Faith No More. The five of us are from California, USA, on Saturday, the 4th of July at the Festivalpark. Faith No More, jonathan is in Belgium. It has already been announced at the Graspop Metal Meeting face. Must be able to do. Faith No More is a special category of people. The five of us will go against the grain. Their motto is freedom, the result is always high quality.

Ten acts for Rock Werchter 2020, it will be fixed. Pearl Jam, Pixies, and Wilco have been confirmed for Thursday the 2nd of July. Kendrick Lamar, Twenty One Pilots, Faith No More, and in The Streets, for Saturday, the 4th of July. System of A Down, Thom Yorke Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes, as well as Yungblud be there on Sunday the 5th of July.