Vandalism damage, re-statue of Ibrahimovic

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Vandalism damage, re-statue of Ibrahimovic

December 12, 2019 16:22
12-12-19 16:22
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It is a statue of Zlatan Ibrahimovic in sweden’s Malmö, sweden, was on Thursday once again the target of acts of vandalism. Vandals have tried to make the feet of the statue by a cut-out.

On the photo are the marks around the right ankle, and the linkertenen of the bronze sculpture is to be seen. Also, there was a rope around the neck of the frame. The police in Malmö, sweden, does research on the occurrence of the event, and it has a fence around the statue in order to prevent it from tipping over.

This is the third time that the vandalism of the statue is damaged, since the placement of the sculpture on the 27th of november. The statue is located in the heart of Malmö FF, a Swedish club with a close range, twenty years ago, made his debut in professional football.