Suzan & Freek’s song-in the One

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Sue & Frank will have a huge success by 2019, behind the back, With the hits in the charts, sold-out shows in the Netherlands and Belgium, and this past weekend is still open for the BAND at the Lotto Arena in. The hitduo will be in 2020, it is back to the clubs with a new club tour. In april, they will give ten performances in the Netherlands, and it is popular in Flanders they do not have. On Saturday the 16th of may, Suzan & Freek in the Trix in Antwerp, belgium. Especially with the new club tour is the duo’s first tour with the band!

Yet, for all their hits, “When The Night” and “Blue Day”, were Sue & Frank, already a livefenomeen. Their appearances did for the duo to show more of the audience’s loyalty. With performances on renowned festivals such as Paaspop, the Festival and Concert at SEA proved it to the masses easily and effortlessly be able to get. As a result, it is a #2 chartentry with the release of their highly anticipated debut album, “Divided By Our” in -, Belgium. She had only The title of The film in this area.