Siska Schoeters is now under fire

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Siska Schoeters is now under fire after she put on her ‘Koekskes and boekskes’ heading into the All Famous once again, someone schoffeerde. This time it was the turn of sports writer Maarten Vangramberen to make it to the second spot to be in. ‘vain, Narcissus, aansteller,” And just to be a good presenter, “when he has his teleprompter can read them.”

Apparently it was Siska Schoeters look just a bit too far this time, because a lot of the viewers have responded, outraged, and jumped in to pick up the slack for the Vangramberen. The sports writer is speaking smooth words. “The waffle house is a really good friend of mine. She teases me all the time because I’m too much of a sport, and I have learned to trust her, because she eats a lot,” said Maarten Vangramberen.

Koekskes and boekskes, it is also a humorous section in which decisions be enlarged, but that is not always immediately apparent to the TELEVISION audience.