Patrick from Palm Springs

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“The Barefoot Emperor” by Jessica Woodworth and Peter Brosens, and Patrick, and Tim Mielants two Flemish feature films, short films selected for the Palm Springs International Film Festival (2-13 January, 2020). The festival organiser announced.

“The Barefoot Emperor” tells the story of how the last King of the Belgians, the first Emperor of Europe. Peter Van den Begin playing again, Nicholas III, was the King of the Belgians. The King of the Belgians, he saw his kingdom falling apart, and in The Barefoot Emperor becomes the king of a gunshot in Sarajevo and wounded in the ear, and he woke up in, the summer residence of Tito, the former president of Yugoslavia, is on an island off the west coast of Italy. He tries to escape, but is stopped by a special delegation was appointed as the first Emperor, from the helm of Nova Europa. The king, however, would no longer have to live through others to identify and take fate into your own hands.

In addition, Peter Van den Begin, there are The Barefoot Emperor to re-key supporting roles for Titus, Lucie Debay, Bruno Georis, and Pieter van der Houwen. In addition, scuba diving is also Geraldine Chaplin, and Udo Kier on two of the famous names in the international film industry. Also, the crew is largely the same as it is for the King of the Belgians: Stan Peters, standing behind the camera with David Verdurme was doing the installation, and Pepijn Aben was responsible for the sound.

The Barefoot Emperor is a production Bo Films, in co-production with the Wajnbrosse Productions, the Netherlands the City of Films, Croatia’s Propeler Film and bulgaria’s Art Fest, and with the support of the Canvas. BE for Films is the sales agent and the Priest will be in the film, from the 5th of February, by 2020, Belgium will split.

Since its world premiere in the Contemporary World Cinema section at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) in september and pulled out of The Barefoot Emperor ” all of the selections for international events in r.a. Gent, Zagreb, Warsaw, Madrid, Turin, and the world. In addition to Palm Springs, The Barefoot Emperor in January, will also be on show at the International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR), where it is a part of the Limelight program, which is part of the Voices of section for international feature films, short films after the festival will be a Dutch release, get it.