Lyndsey Pfaff makes a desperate call to

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It was not a great day for Lyndsey Pfaff. The daughter of Jean-Marie Pfaff is her wedding ring, lost at the Bredabaan Brasschaat and she can’t go to sleep. The wedding ring is not a ring, the gem has to Lyndsey for a great sentimental value.

“The best of people, and I’m here this morning with my engagement ring, lost it on the Bredabaan. On the inside, you will find our names and the wedding date ‘by Dave & Lyndsey 27-08-2004 Would someone find eternal one, thank you for your honesty and a great deal!!!”, writes Lyndsey is on Facebook.
The response to the message from Lyndsey to his heart, quite So, it seems, however, to live with Lyndsey, all of the questions that some people will wonder what you are doing, a wedding ring can be lost. However, Lyndsey got a few tips, but, as yet, to no avail. Nevertheless, it hopes to Lyndsey Pfaff in that the ring is still to be found. “I hope so, because I won’t be able to sleep, so much emotion in that ring,” writes Lyndsey.