The Champions are building up a party!

a0db1584b392e52094fc1d6822142640 - The Champions are building up a party!

As of today, in the first film, clash of The Champions will premiere at the Kinepolis in Antwerp. You were going to make it in the Kinepolis in Antwerp is quiet to get some film, then it is best to be on the web site. Why is that? Because the “Viva Boma!” tonight, but no fewer than 14 of the 24 available rooms to fill. It will be on tonight so the pressure will be on and around the cinema complex. In addition to the cast and crew, there are also a limited number of well-known people that watch the film, and so many of the thousands of people who are of the ” Viva Boma! come and enjoy.
The cast of clash of The Champions, it will be all hands on deck, as they will need it tonight, so in a lot of rooms to visit to get the audience to say hello to you, and it is expected that they will have time for questions from the press. But it quit doing it, with a great premièrefeest, where the first ideas for a possible fifth film is likely to occur.