Screen Flanders is investing € 1.3 million in just ten productions

86832ac790ccf5f1adfd95867a5095b4 - Screen Flanders is investing € 1.3 million in just ten productions

Screen Flanders invest 1.300.000 euros in a new audio-visual productions. This made the Flemish minister for the Economy, mrs. Hilde Crevits announced today. In the list of supported the production of the call of 2019 at the latest o.m. Annette, the new film by Leos Carax, and to the British misdaadreeks The Cambridge Murders. In addition to the movies Rookie of the Lieven Van Baelen, There is also Jeroen Perceval and the practice of Hans Herbots can count on the support of the fund. The investment of € 1.3 million that generates more than 10.9 million euro of audiovisual expenditure in the Flanders Region of belgium, for economic leverage (8,41) per euro invested.

At the second call, of, 2019 rock, the awarded amounts of between € 70,000 and for 360.000 euro) per project. The list of supported productions, and it looks this time, also, various feature films, short films, and television series; fiction, documentary, animation, and even a hollywood musical film, based.

The six feature films are getting the call from 2019 onwards, aid from the economic fund, Screen Flanders: Annette, The, Deep, House, Ritual, Rookie, There, and ‘La Sirène’.

Annette has been with the English-language debut of French director Leos Carax (Les Amants du Pont-Neuf, Holy Motors). It is a hollywood musical film, based on a glamourkoppel that a child was born: Annette, a mysterious girl with an unreal look and feel. The leading roles are played by big names, Adam Driver, and, Marion Cotillard. The recording took place in the Concertgebouw in Bruges and in Brussels, KVS, in addition to the Lites studio in Vilvoorde (belgium). The Belgian co-producer, has Production Services in Belgium.

The Deep House is a feature film from Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury have a couple of urban exploration photographers in the French Pyrenees, a haunted house under the water to explore, and, thereby, the evil spirit of the place to life. The French Radar Films, is the producer, with the Umedia Production Services, such as the Belgian partner. The onderwaterscènes the film will be shot in the waterstudio, of Lites, also in the recording material supply. In addition, various Flemish professionals-as a crewmember involved in the production process.

Ritual is the new film by Hans Herbots, we know from the movies, when to tell, and The treatment of it, but over the past few years, often in the regiestoel of the international fictiereeksen as Rellik (BBC) and the Riviera (Sky). Ritual with Marie, and He and Geert van Rampelberg in the film is a psychological thriller based on a novel by the British author Mo Hayder. Eyeworks Film & TV Drama, is the producer. A ritual that will be filmed on locations in and around Antwerp, belgium.

Still open is the feature film debut of Lieven Van Baelen produced by the Czar of Film & TELEVISION, the production company behind the m.a. Driver, Kenneth Mercken and the Angel by Koen Mortier. The film tells the story of a young, ambitious, and self-motorracer, played by Matteo Simoni. Are tegenspeelster is Veerle Baetens. In Flanders, p.a. in the Party turned up. Rookie is currently in post-production stage and will be in the spring, and by 2020, it is expected.