Eva-Jane Smeenk, for the love of Kris Wauters ‘The Best of Musicals’

Eva-Jane Smeenk, for the love of Kris Wauters 'The Best of Musicals'

For the ultimate in musicalfeestje you need to be on 10th, 11th and 12th of January, in the Stadsschouwburg in Antwerp, or on the 21st, 22nd and 23rd of February of 2020, in the Capitole in Ghent, because then it serves the Music Hall, the third edition of the successful concept of ‘The Best of Musicals’. In the glittering spectacle of The Best-of-Musical – at-the-Movies “brings together an ensemble featuring the biggest names musicalstemmen, the band’s greatest hits from the most well-known musicalfilms from La-La Land Bohemian Rhapsody, The Greatest Showman,” Les Miserables, This Man, The Prince of Egypt, Footloose, Titanic, The Bodyguard, An Officer and a Gentleman,… . The cast is, as ever, from award-winning musicalstemmen. It is o.a. Hans Peter Janssens, Charlotte Campion, Chris Van Tongelen, Goele De Raedt, Wim Van Den Driessche, Elke Buyle, Marleen van der Loo, creative and multi-talented artist Gene Thomas is this edition of with their amazing abilities even I watching, but in addition to these highlights, there are 2 amazing guest vocalists for the first time in their career, in a musical production…

Eva-Jane Smeenk (the stage name of Eva Jane) is a Dutch singer, who was raised in a very musical environment, with a singing mom (Linda Williams), and as a musician, as a dad. Eva Jane has lived and worked for many years in Belgium, and you will know for sure if the singer of oh.a. the band of Miguel Wiels contemporary art centre, evening only, the bar building that bears his name, F3. R.a. the VTM-broadcast ‘for the Love of Music” is the Eva-Jane, who, for the past 5 seasons, the plant and the female voice.
At the age of 19, brings Eve, Jane, in the Netherlands, the first soloplaatje from the Queen of the Bees, and they are aware of what is on in the background, withdrawing from it in order to be able to be able to write and compose. She wrote also many songs for other artists, but it also brought with it self-solosingles such as “Drinking Champagne Like It’s Milk’, ‘Never To Happen Again’, ‘Spinning Around’ (2008, #37 in the Dutch Top 40, and a first solosingle in the country, the Beautiful Face” (to 2018).
Ivann Vermeer set up his first musical steps in the successful children’s department, ‘The Bubble’. Later on it grows to become a lauded and sought-after backing vocalist and accompanied well-known national and international artists such as Paul Young, Lionel Richie, Rob De Nijs, Leo Sayer, The Three Degrees and many more. 11 gorgeous live gets Ivann in 2005 and earned a well deserved 3rd place at the VTM-broadcast ‘the X factor’, and for a period of 5 seasons of shows, Ivann as a lead singer in “Stars on the dance floor,” his exceptional vocal abilities.

In may of 2019 at the latest glitter Ivann as a lead-in for the sublime George Michael-tributeshow “The Edge of Heaven” Tour. The magnitude of the show and Ivann’s excellent interpretation of George Michael, received much praise from the press and the general public. So much so, that the show is a nationally and internationally continued and that Ivann and George Michael to the stage to share the Dutch-one Glennis Grace during one of her sold-out the Whitney tribute at the Antwerp Lotto Arena on October 26, 2019.