Why Yentl Keuppens

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Monday evening, december 9, 2019, a date which Yentl Keuppens for a long time, looking forward to this, her book will be published. Yes, yes, Yentl has already been a number of books to be released, but for now, it is her most personal book ever. “Good enough” is the title of a book, a book that deals with the disorders to which Yentl, six years ago faced. “Shortly after my nineteenth birthday, I became part of the eetkliniek In the Trees at Ten o’clock. I weighed twenty-six kilos,” says Yentl Keuppens. 26 pounds and for a person who is 19 years of age. We don’t have to tell you that it is a little too much. And still, Yentl has no bite it by the throat. “In my head, was constantly changing and I don’t eat, I can’t eat, I don’t eat. That voice was my own, not under the control of” and, therefore, looked for and found Yentl’s help. It’s been an uphill battle, but it was with a struggle that is worth more than it’s worth. Yentl’s shines today, is the day of happiness and is now sharing her story. Yentl is a love, which, we have noted time and again, during an autograph session: a lot of – especially young girls – to recognize in her story, and find support from Yentl. Monday night drew Yentl and her new book “Enough” in Antwerp, in the presence of peers, but also with a lot of well-known colleagues. Have nothing but praise for Yentl, and the logical thing to do, that it is the story of Yentl to help spread it. For each and every boy and girl in the world that struggles with the feeling of being too fat, one is too many. The perfect body and the perfect weight, doesn’t. Her book is Yentl, people who have an eating disorder camps is to inspire, to professional, to get help. There is nothing wrong with that, quite the contrary. This is Yentl a lot of life is so much better to help to make…. It Is not nice to look at? Congratulations, Yentl!