The Voice-the candidate Yoeri picks up everything on one’s back with the band

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Yoeri Mellaerts conquered the whole of Flanders, with his charming voice. The songs of the military would at least 2017 on the results of the finals of The Voice van Vlaanderen, but he was compared to legendary rockers like Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam. For his / her participation in The Voice and had Yoeri has never been sung.

The deals, after The Voice was felt, however, never to the right. Ultimately, Yoeri notice that it is the best feeling of his self-penned lyrics in English, should bring. Yoeri was with the director of the Tourist LeMC, and that “No one on the road,” is the result of this co-operation grew. This is the debut single by Yoeri, who now have to listen to it on Spotify. Soon it will be with a ‘man’ is also the second single to be taken from Yoeri will appear on the streamingplatform.