The house, with Marc Herremans

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A bolt of lightning and thunder, welcome to Marc Herremans in The house. But he would have to go through the rain and through the meadow to The house, too. He draws him all the way.

On January 28, 2002, the triathlete Marc Herremans during a bike training in Lanzarote, fell. He had a feeling that this is fatal as it was. “I woke up in a new body. A chest, two arms on top of the head. That is what it is.”

But, still, it has the limitation to him, it does not hold for the extreme performance to continue to deliver its limits, to continue to look up to, and is arranged to pass. It has a sample made up for us.

“Ah, my legs are there”, exclaims Marc, as he enters the house. A little bit of a strange statement, but he is referring to are the leg harness, which he was able to stand up straight. “For the first time, that I was right to have been, it was four weeks after my accident.”

Marc has no borders. Will never be known. Jump rope was right, six hours on a piece of string to jump to. And even then, at the very least, a rain coat, that he was an extremely able, hard work. There is a peculiar twist in his brain. “I have always thought: the more I train, the easier it will be for the games, and thus the easier it will be to the life.”

When he was challenged to do something, he would do it. It’s that desire to prove himself, to prove that he is the best at something. “It’s really a miracle that it was to be my 27th and has lasted for I have something of a serious nature have to be made.”

Less than a year after his accident, he did it again in an olympic distance triathlon for athletes with a disability. In the next few years, performance was strong in the Ironman of Hawaii in 2006 and, even in that place, the place where he was, at the time of his accident.