Spider-man and She-Of-the Veire design of five unique christmas cards

98679fa56fe89efc34a2dbc1631c85ab - Spider-man and She-Of-the Veire design of five unique christmas cards

It’s a Belgian brand, Tadaaz and fast vaderdochter duo of he and She, the Veire went into the sea to create a special series of christmas card designs. The result is five unique and humorous cards, which, in a subtle way, important social issues to address, such as body positivity, and LGBTQA+. All cards can be personalized with your own photos and text. If you aren’t sure what to write on christmas cards? He and She are happy to help you further on Monday, december 9, during a Facebook live stream.

“Then, Peter, in may, became a father again of a baby boy, Lex, and we found out that She, his birth card was designed, it was immediately very interested,” said Lies, Jonckheere, Marketing Manager at Tadaaz. “We did more of a unique collab around christmas cards, and the creative duo of Peter, and She was on this idea a reality”.

He and She came together with several ideas for christmas cards. She drew the design on the cards in the hand, and Peter took over in the text. The result? The absurd, the funny, and especially the warm christmas wishes. A more than welcome alternative to the traditional christmas greeting.

“With the warm style of the She, and our good shopping make for a unique christmas, and the latest in the year ever. I just wish She there was absolutely, as they are the one who is using her to draw more than my few words. It is this combination that is white in color and feels than your average christmas, and at a temperature above the beard of santa Claus,” said Peter Van de Veire.